‘Beard King’ Cleans Up With ‘Beard Bib’ On ‘Shark Tank’ After Viral YouTube Video [Spoilers]

On Friday night’s episode of Shark Tank, a couple appeared, hawking their product that seeks try and help keep bathrooms clean of shaven beard hair. Nicholas and Alessia Andrade Galekovic were the sexy couple whose Shark Tank appearance almost ended with none of the sharks giving them a deal. The couple showed up as the last set of entrepreneurs on the show, wearing Beard King apparel in the form of a T-shirt and a tank top.

Nicholas and Alessia showed off their “beard bib” product, and sought a $100,000 investment from the sharks for a 20 percent equity stake in their company. The duo described how one of their YouTube videos went viral with millions of views. In videos like the one below from Beard King, the ad shows how a man grooming his beard in the bathroom can cause problems with the Mrs., when she has to deal with the hairs that he hasn’t cleaned up.

The “beard bib” is literally a device that attaches to mirrors via suction cups, with the “beard bib” attaching to the neck of the person shaving their beard. The triangle shape of the product then serves as a net that catches the cut hair from the beard, and those shavings can then be tossed away.

On Instagram, the Beard King account not only announced the owners’ Shark Tank appearance, but it also features some provocative ads that show more about the creative minds behind the Beard King brand.

We are thrilled to announce that our founders Nicholas & Alessia Andrade Galekovic @nicholasgalekovic@alessiaandrade will be representing BEARD KING this Friday, January 15th, on the hit ABC show, SHARK TANK.@sharktankabc

Even though the couple came to the tank with impressive sales numbers, the sharks began dropping out of making deals for various reasons. The “beard bib” couple has enjoyed high sales, with $80,000 of their reported sales occurring in the last month, due to the viral video that gained more than 20 million views.

Both Robert Herjavec and Mark Cuban chose not to invest in the Beard King’s product, even though Cuban said that his wife complained about the same type of beard shavings. The Shark Tank participants pressed on, eventually winning a deal with Lori Greiner for $100,000 as reported by Business 2 Community‎.

Nicholas made the most impressive comment to convince Lori to invest in their company. He asked Lori if she’d make a deal before going out.

“Before you go out, would you make us a deal?”

The humor of such a proposition made Greiner hesitate on turning down the couple, just as Kevin O’Leary and Chris Sacca had already done. Lori threw out the idea of giving them $100,000 but only if Greiner enjoyed a 51 percent stake in the company. Instead, Nicholas conferred with his wife, who countered 45 percent, and offered Lori a great crown and robe, pronouncing her the beard king.

It’s a fact that quipped about on Twitter.

Congrats to & the production staff who don’t have to sweep up her beard shavings all over the set anymore!

Chris Sacca appeared on The 4-Hour Workweek‎ and described the thought processes of the former Google employee, who created a mutual fund and invested early in Uber, Instagram and other successful ventures.

Instead of being a product focused on usage by men, the Beard King owners report that women love the “beard bib” because it prevents the clean-up that sometimes falls in their laps when they discover themselves cleaning up shaven beard hairs.

“Although the product is used by a man, women thank us everyday for saving their ‘sink sanity.’ Men in general can sometimes be reluctant to use any personal care items but once they see it’s about working smarter, not harder it becomes an essential tool for them.”

[Photo by Vince Bucci/Invision for the Television Academy/AP Images]