Meek Mill Dissing Rihanna And Drake On ‘I’m Da Plug Freestyle’? Fans Debate Over Heated Lyrics

Meek Mill may have surprised fans with the release of a new EP titled 4/4 on Saturday, but it’s not surprising that the Philly rapper’s latest release also reignites his ongoing feud with Drake via a new track, titled “I’m Da Plug Freestyle.”

Meek Mill and Drake previously traded diss tracks last summer after Meek publicly accused Drake of using a ghostwriter on their collaboration for “R.I.C.O.” However, after receiving a lukewarm response from fans in regard to his “Wanna Know” diss track aimed at Drake, it appears that Meek Mill is back for redemption while sampling Drake and Future’s track “I’m The Plug” on his new EP.

In “I’m Da Plug Freestyle,” Meek Mill begins his Drake diss track by referencing Drake and Future’s chart-topping track, “Jumpman,” before resurrecting his ghostwriting accusations against the Toronto-born rapper, Rolling Stone reports.

“Jumpman, Jumpman, Jumpman / Ain’t nobody tell ’em, this ain’t what they want man / You ain’t really write it, I’m like, ‘who’s your stuntman?’ “

In addition, Meek Mill also references Drake’s 2013 hit, “Started From the Bottom,” when he raps, “We really started from the bottom, unlike we them n*****,” seemingly dissing Drake’s lack of street credibility while also referencing his friendship with OVO rapper P. Reign, who released a track titled “We Them N*****.”

While it’s not surprising that Meek Mill would reference his ghostwriting accusations against Drake for the diss track, one claim made by the Philly rapper in his newly released song has sparked a heated debate among Rihanna and Meek Mill fans on Twitter.

Meek Mill takes aim at Drake in "I'm Da Plug Freestyle."
Towards the end of the track, Meek Mill implies that he had a sexual relationship with one of Drake’s former flames when he raps, “You took her to an island, I f***ed her on a couch / I f***ed her in the studio, she never seen my house / She told me that you’re lame, I told her clean you out / I got that p**** same day she made you eat her out, woo!”

The eyebrow-raising lyrics instantly ignited rumors that Meek Mill may have had a secret fling with one of Drake’s exes, leading some fans to speculate that Meek Mill may be taking shots at Rihanna’s former relationship with Drake, given that Meek Mill and Rihanna were rumored to be dating in 2012.

While Meek Mill previously denied having a relationship with Rihanna, it appears some fans are still convinced that Meek was referring to the “Diamonds” singer in his “I’m Da Plug Freestyle.”

Meek Mill ignites rumors that he's dissing Rihanna on "I'm Da Plug Freestyle."
“I hope y’all know Meek Mill didn’t diss Niki [sic] … He was talking about Rihanna,” one fan suggests, while another adds, “I don’t think Rihanna would deal with meek mill like that either BUT she got a thing going with Travis Scott sooooo.”

It didn’t take long for Rihanna fans to weigh-in on speculation surrounding Meek Mill’s lyrics, with most expressing their displeasure with Rihanna having been dragged into Drake and Meek Mill’s feud.

“And what is this fallacy about Rihanna having relations with Meek Mill?” one fan asks, while another writes, “Y’all expect us to believe Rihanna slept with Meek Mill? Lmao bye.”

In addition to Rihanna, fans have also speculated that Meek Mill was referencing Drake’s 2014 fling with Lira Galore, who accompanied Drake to a video shoot in St. Martin that same year, despite Meek having denied sleeping with Galore just months ago.

While fans continue to debate over the meaning behind Meek Mill’s lyrics, it looks like Drake fans are expecting another Meek Mill diss track to surface prior to the release of Drake’s impending Views From The 6 album.

Who do you think Meek Mill was referring to in his “I’m Da Plug Freestyle” diss?

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