‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Deimos Kiriakis Hit Town, Shawn Returns To Salem, And Hope Confesses

Days of Our Lives spoilers for the week of January 18 indicate that there are some heated interactions ahead throughout Salem. Hope has killed Stefano, but she is working with Rafe to cover up what happened. Ava is stirring up trouble, and some big arrivals are popping up across town. What can fans expect in this coming week?

All My Children star Vincent Irizarry finally debuts on Monday’s episode, and Days of Our Lives spoilers detail that he will be playing the role of Deimos Kiriakis, Victor’s younger brother. Little is known about Deimos at this point, as he has never been mentioned before. However, it sounds as if he will be quite the villain heading to Salem to get revenge of some sort.

According to She Knows Soaps, Hope will be making a big confession as the week begins. Hope and Rafe are scrambling to keep Stefano’s death under wraps, but it seems they will decide that confessing to Malcolm’s murder becomes necessary. From the sounds of things, this will not necessarily lead to serious consequences, though viewers will have to tune in to see how she gets out of this mess.

John got intriguing information from Eduardo about his mother and Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that he will meet with her on Tuesday’s show. However, teasers indicate that he is facing a major betrayal in this episode, as well, and his life could be in serious danger.

Celeb Dirty Laundry details that John’s mother, Maude, will share some background with John about his upbringing. As the two talk, it seems that John initially thinks that he has finally been able to piece together his past after all of these years.

However, a return visit with Maude leads to quite the confrontation. John will seemingly be poisoned, but he fakes passing out and confronts a man named Vadim. By the end of the confrontation, John and Eddie reportedly realize this situation is more dangerous than they had realized.

There is a kiss between Rafe and Hope ahead in the coming week, but is it too soon for Hope to truly consider a romance with Rafe after losing Bo? Most fans would likely say yes, but the signs definitely indicate that things are headed in this direction.

Brady will have additional dreams about Nicole, and Days of Our Lives spoilers share that she will learn about these. Of course, Brady and Nicole have quite the past with one another, but he has renewed his relationship with Teresa and until the accident things were going quite well for them. Will this accident bring Nicole and Brady back together again, though?

Belle and Philip have been growing closer to one another again lately, though Claire is not happy about her mother’s recent actions. Days of Our Lives spoilers note that Shawn will be back in Salem this coming week, indicating to Belle that he wants to work on their marriage. However, Belle and Philip end up jetting off to Vegas for a quick trip and apparently, there will be sparks flying.

Ava has been playing some wicked games with Steve and Kayla, and there is more on this storyline coming during the week of January 18. Ava managed to connect with their son, Joey, and Days of Our Lives spoilers detail that Steve will confront her about this soon.

The last that viewers saw, Ava had smacked Kayla across the head during a confrontation and dragged Kayla’s unconscious body into her suite. Where are things headed from there? Fans will have to tune in to find out, but Steve will clearly not be happy with what he’s learning regarding Ava’s sneaky moves.

Viewers have seen that Andre is quite suspicious about Stefano’s disappearance, and he is not about to give up digging into this. Days of Our Lives spoilers share that he will uncover something disturbing at the mansion during Wednesday’s show, and he has a theory to share with Chad at the end of the week.

Is Andre going to manage to piece together what truly happened? DOOL fans will also see Abigail starting to make plans for her future with Chad as this coming week plays out, as well.

Will Hope and Rafe be successful in covering up Stefano’s murder? Just what is Victor’s brother doing in Salem? There are said to be plenty more twists and turns ahead as the drama continues on Days of Our Lives.

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