‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Valerie Is Desperate, Jake Drives A Wedge, And Hayden Struggles

There are big things ahead during the week of January 18, according to the latest General Hospital spoilers. Valerie’s life is at risk, and Sam is digging into the circumstances of Nikolas and Jason’s brutal fight that sent Nik sailing over the railing. What can fans expect in the coming week of episodes?

According to She Knows Soaps, Valerie’s situation remains dire at the beginning of the week. As viewers have seen, Johnny has kidnapped her and is seemingly willing to go farther than Lulu had envisioned when she said she wanted to get rid of her cousin for her fling with Dante.

Valerie was certainly oblivious to the potential for danger with Johnny initially, but General Hospital spoilers indicate that she will piece things together during Tuesday’s show. Though viewers will have to tune in to see just how it happens, Johnny finds himself caught during that episode, as well.

General Hospital spoilers from Celeb Dirty Laundry detail that Johnny may end up revealing Lulu’s connection to this dramatic situation, at least to some extent, as he rants. In addition, he will be leaving Valerie in a desperate and difficult position as he seemingly makes a run for it. It sounds as if Jordan and Dante may work together to save Valerie from the burning cabin and nab Johnny in the process.

Also ahead in the coming week, General Hospital spoilers share that Kristina will seemingly confess to her mom that she is on academic probation at school. Nina will be further embracing her work at Crimson, and Olivia is finding herself in a tough spot. Robert connects Anna with a person who apparently will be someone already familiar to either the audience or to Anna.

Sam is trying to help Jason stay out of jail as a result of the battle with Nikolas, but General Hospital spoilers tease that there is a tense confrontation with Liz at Jason’s place as she investigates. Late in the week, Jason will have another major flashback.

Elizabeth will be getting Jake some help as his behavior continues to be cause for concern. It also seems that Jake will be maneuvering to drive a wedge between Sam and Jason, as he obviously is working to bring Liz and Jason back together again.

Viewers will see Sonny make some serious progress in his recovery, but General Hospital spoilers detail that he will not be ready to share his news with anybody else. Carly is said to approach Ava once again about the Avery situation, while Hayden struggles with the feelings she has developed for Nikolas. Will she keep pushing to steal ELQ away from Nik for Tracy, or could her allegiance shift?

There are said to be big things ahead for Nikolas in this coming week, and General Hospital spoilers from Celeb Dirty Laundry tease that there could be a quickie wedding ahead soon for Nik and Hayden. Both have been keeping secrets from one another, but if they could align their agendas, they could prove to be quite the formidable team.

Just how much trouble is Lulu facing after Johnny’s plan with Valerie went too far? What comes next for Jason, Sam, and Elizabeth? Viewers are anxious to see what lies ahead as the February sweeps draw near, and there will be plenty more General Hospital spoilers coming as the drama plays out in Port Charles.

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