‘Fallout 4’ Combat Zone Content Allowed Nuka-Cola Cap Prize Money And Other DLC Locations [Rumors]

Fallout 4 game rumors have been buzzing again in regard hints to the upcoming DLC (downloadable content) and also audio files found which reveal an association with Tommy Lonegan, the “ringmaster” at the Combat Zone that had not been used in the game, according to VG24/7. This is where Cait, one of the companions, is seen fighting someone. Upon entering this area, one could conclude that a lot was put forth to create this location, as it had vendors and other prospective interactive content.

A short walk through the Kotaku YouTube channel shows what is displayed and that there could be more to the venue. Just outside of the building where the Combat Zone is located, “Tommy’s Rules” are written on the side of a building across the street:

  1. No fighting outside of the cage!
  2. No Begging!
  3. No loitering!

Once the Fallout 4 Vault 111 dweller enters the first set of doors, the same set of rules is seen prior to the second entry way and to the left a sign that says “Rule Breakers” with people chained up as punishment. There also appeared to be written over the violators the rules in which they broke.

Of course, upon entering the main venue, Lonegan sees the Vault 111 dweller, stops everything, and the raiders attack, including the vendors. In an earlier pre-release trailer, Cait is seen victorious in the ring, but with the Lone Wanderer sitting in the audience.

The aforementioned Fallout 4 game ambiance of imprisoned raiders, vendor locations, and the previous trailer lends one to think there’s got to be something more to all of this. That being said, the Tommy Lonegan audio files gave way to the ability for the NPC (Non-player character) to give options to either fight for Nuka-Cola caps or feel the wrath of the raiders.

“It’s either fight in the cage or face the collective wrath of my disappointed patrons.”

The quoted dialogue part that was cut looks to be the connecting point in the Fallout 4 game as an option to take on the raiders as opposed to fighting. So, it looks like if you had a choice to say no to Tommy, the raiders would start attacking, but since it looks to be cut, you take them on as you enter the room instead.

In addition, Fallout 4 audio clips also give unto dialogue where you can even have an opportunity to take on Cait, the companion, and there’s also just plain commentary from Tommy. There was also some audio of Tommy allowing betting privileges on fighters in the cage.

Outside of Combat Zone, there’s are other rumors entailing the game DLC. Wasteland game fan and YouTuber of The Gaming Way gave some commentary regarding this. He referred to the print publication of the Fallout 4 Vault Dwellers Guide and in it lists some apparel, one of them being the Vault 101 suit.

Now, this is the suit originally worn by lone wanderers of the Washington, D.C., wasteland in Fallout 3. So, it is theorized that this could be part of the DLC and, according to The Gaming Way, could take us back to the D.C. wasteland.

“To bridge the gap between Fallout 3 and Fallout 4.”

How would the Fallout 4 DLC bridge this 10-year-gap? Would a player be transported physically or mentally? Well, if anyone has already been to the Memory Den location at the town of Goodneighbor, their technology booths allow customers to relive memories, and this could possibly allow a Vault 111 dweller access to Vault 101 memories. Perhaps memories of a Vault 101 dweller?

Another Fallout 4 DLC game possibility theorized would be a connection to China, and Operation Anchorage, as there is a backstory involving the warring factions over resources. Also a reference to a possible connection to the New Vegas game, where in Fallout 4 at the Cabot House is Jack Cabot, a scientist who had expressed his desire to locate an alien city in the Mojave desert.

There was also reported via Inquisitr the possibility of DLC related to underwater adventures, where a player explored the ocean floor on the east cost of Boston and found structures that hinted at a foreseeable new venue. A player even mapped out the bottom. There was also reported information found in the Fallout 4 content for a “20 Leagues Under The Sea” quest, according to Kotaku’s YouTube channel, as well.

That said, there is a lot of speculative and creative ideas in the wasteland community than can gain an idea of the already pre-existing Easter eggs in the Fallout 4 game.

[Photo by Rich Polk/Getty Images Entertainment]