Harry Styles And Avril Lavigne Collaborating?

A collaboration between Harry Styles of One Direction and Canadian singer Avril Lavigne? It seems it could be happening.

Harry Styles is currently on hiatus from supergroup One Direction, meaning he has a little more time on his hands than he did over the last five years of gruelling touring and recording.

Harry is currently in London. The Canadian songstress is thought to be in America, so it’s unlikely they met up in the studio recently, or that they have done any writing together.

It is not known where the rumor came from, but one One Direction account investigated and found that the blonde songstress had recently followed Styles on Twitter.

It is unlikely that the 23K tweet worldwide trend could have exploded from just that Twitter “follow,” so perhaps there is more to the rumor, and the source is buried somewhere in what is now a mountain of tweets.

Could Harry be seeking a collaborator to record some hiatus-period songs as Liam Payne writes with Juicy J, Louis Tomlinson waits for his baby to be born, and Niall Horan remains hidden away in Ireland dealing with rumored family tensions?

The trend was “Avril feat Harry,” suggesting that it would be the long-haired 1D star who would be appearing as a guest, and the petite rock chick carrying the bulk of the song. This is consistent with stories that Harry and the One Direction guys will regroup, and that they will not be recording any full solo albums or attempting to launch solo careers during the hiatus, as reported by E!.

Some people were shattered by the news. Others questioned whether the “fandom” was simply bored again (recently there was a Twitter trend suggesting that a One Direction”Infinity” video had been released — this got many people excited, but proved to be false.) Others asked what on earth was going on, overlaying their question on a popular image of Liam Payne raising his hand with a quizzical look on his face.

Images depicting Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik logging into Twitter, seeing the “Avril Feat Harry” trend, and becoming just as confused as the fans also appeared. One person also took the opportunity to celebrate the “Nouis” bromance between Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan, tweeting a bunch of images of the pair looking happy and carefree alongside a list of all the music-related projects everybody else seems to be getting themselves into.

In other One Direction news, Liam Payne has given a response of sorts to the issue of whether Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner are dating. Liam was mobbed by a group of paps at the airport, and was asked if the supermodel and his bandmate are together.

“Blah blah blah,” was Liam’s response. Some people are interpreting this as a sign that Liam thinks the answer is “no,” and that Harry and Kendall are not together, but it sounds more like Liam didn’t catch the question. The Wolverhampton hunk was probably trying to make it clear that he was surrounded by voices and couldn’t make out what anyone was saying.

Liam made a splash during that impromptu airport interview by hinting that he would consider welcoming Zayn Malik back to the band. Liam also stated yet again that the One Direction boys will be back after the hiatus, as reported by Sugarscape.

“Does anyone else want to ask that?” Liam said humorously to the rest of the crowd, implying that he has heard the question a million times and resigned himself to the fact that he will be answering it again and again.

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