‘Downton Abbey’ Cast Told ‘No Tongues’ With Royal Princess Kate

“No tongues” mean something different obviously in American than in England! It seems to mean no speaking about her visit, as opposed to not use tongue when kissing her, which, who could imagine slipping the Princess the tongue? Especially that Princee Kate was pregnant when visiting Downton Abbey? Either way, the cast of Downton Abbey was glad that the Princess was thrilled that Downton Abbey was one place that she visited, and that she confessed it was one of her favorite shows.

According to the Inquisitr, the cast of Downton Abbey happy was thrilled that Princess Kate visited the set on the last season. Laura Carmichael was thrilled with the visit, and said that the Princess was so lovely and so normal. Photos were taken, and the whole cast was so lit about by the royal visit.

People Magazine said that Hugh Bonneville was quoted as saying that as long as there were no tongues, they would be fine.

“Princess Kate was fine,” he said. “We were told ‘no tongues,’ and it would be fine.”

Michelle Dockery, aka Lady Mary was thrilled by the visit of the gorgeous royal.

“The energy on set was amazing,” Dockery said during a visit to People Now. “It was amazing. It was magic.”

Laura Carmichael, aka Lady Edith was blown away by the visit.

“It was a surreal and exciting experience to be at work and be visited by a member of the royal family,” Carmichael told People. “She has watched the show and loves it and that’s really lovely.”

But Allen Leech, who plays Tom Branson, the radical Irish chauffeur was not there when Princess Kate dropped by the set of Downton Abbey.

“But I’d be thrilled to drop by the palace!” said Leech.

But Hello Magazine said that the Princess’ visit was a thrilling one.

Laura Carmichael said that Princess Kate loves Downton Abbey.

“[Kate] has watched the show and loves it and that’s really lovely.”

Hello Magazine reported that Prince William also loves Downton Abbey, and watches faithfully with Princess Kate.

Prince William led the way, stating that Downton is “one of Catherine’s and my favorite programs”.

The Prince was very proud that Downton Abbey was nominated for several BAFTA awards.

“When I first heard that Downton Abbey was to receive the BAFTA special award, I was absolutely thrilled,” the Duke of Cambridge said. “As the president of BAFTA, I’m delighted that we are paying tribute to this extraordinary series that has flown the flag for British drama both at home and internationally.”

Sean “P Diddy” Combs said that he too is fans of Downton Abbey.

“The show is excellent, the writing was incredible,” he said. “I’m a fan of British actors, and the style of acting, and the effortlessness of it.”

And so is Sharon Osborne, wife of Ozzy.

“I’m obsessed with Downton Abbey!” she said in the clip. “Downton is so special for me because of the story-lines, they just pull you back in.” Whoopi Goldberg, meanwhile, described the series as “superb”. “It’s like a movie,” the star added. “It’s like an incredibly gorgeous film.”

Are you surprise that the royals are fans of Downton Abbey?

[Photo courtesy of Getty Images/Chris Jackson]