‘The Last Man On Earth’ Stars Will Forte And Mel Rodriguez Debut Odd New Hairstyles

The Last Man on Earth is a quirky post-apocalyptic comedy, written and produced by Will Forte, who also stars in the series, so it should come as no suprise that Forte’s off screen antics are just as bizarre as his character’s everyday life. Yet, Will seems to have topped himself by showing up at FOX’s 2016 Winter TCA Tour All-Star Party with a new hairstyle that seems reminiscent of Gary Oldman in 1997’s The Fifth Element.

It was only when another cast member from The Last Man on Earth showed up sporting the same do that it became clear that it all had something to do with upcoming episodes of the FOX sitcom.

The Last Man on Earth Stars Will Forte And Mel Rodriguez Seem To Be Missing Something Up Top

Fans of Forte’s series will be familiar with Will’s wild hipster look, a full head of long hair accompanied by a mustache and fully grown brown and graying beard, but that look is almost completely a thing of the past. Will showed up at the FOX event with one half of his head and face fully shaved, while the opposite side still possessed the facial hair to which fans have, by now, grown so accustomed.

Forte might have felt as out of place and alone as he appeared, if he hadn’t been joined by fellow The Last Man on Earth actor Mel Rodriguez. Like Will, Mel also has the one-sided trim, although Rodriguez’s style seems less noticeable with his much shorter hair and smaller mustache.

Throughout the event, neither Mr. Forte nor any other cast member of The Last Man on Earth made an mention of the odd hairstyles, or offered explanations as to how they might be related to the show’s upcoming episodes.

Another Last Man co-star, Cleopatra Coleman, did refer to the half shaved heads in a Twitter post.

January Jones And Will Forte Still Seem Cozy, Months After Break Up

The former couple posed together for photo ops at the FOX TCA event and their hugs and smiles seemed anything other than forced. The chummy way in which they related to one another, as well as Jones’ continued participation on The Last Man on Earth, suggests that she and Forte have remained good friends.

Will and January have been friends since their Saturday Night Live days and it was Forte who was eager for Jones to join him on his new series, which debuted on March 1, 2015. It wasn’t long — only about a month later — that the two comedians began dating. The romance was short-lived, however. By September, the couple’s love affair had ended and, though no reason has been publicly stated, some blame the break up on Jones’ own fear of commitment.

“Relationships are a pain in the a–,” January Jones told pals, according to Us Weekly.

While Jones is mom to 4-year-old Xander, she has never revealed the identity of the father. Until 2013, she had been involved with director Noah Miller (Sweetwater) and, earlier, January had been linked to Jason Sudeikis, Ashton Kutcher, and Josh Groban.

Both Will and Ms. Jones attended the 67th Primetime Emmy Awards in L.A. on Sunday, September 20, shortly after their break up, though they each kept away from one another. January spent the evening in the company of her Mad Men co-stars, while Mr. Forte kept company with the cast of his own series. Will was nominated for Lead Actor in a Comedy Series for The Last Man on Earth, but failed to take the prize. Instead, Jeffrey Tambor won the category for his role in Transparent.

Season 2 of The Last Man on Earth is currently airing on FOX.

[Featured image by Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images]