Ed Sheeran On Bucket List For Manchester Teen With Cystic Fibrosis

Ed Sheeran is a crooner who is loved by millions of fans around the world, but perhaps no one loves him more than Manchester teen Chloe Hopkins. Daily Mail reports that Hopkins suffers with cystic fibrosis and has been given a mere two years to live if she doesn’t receive a double lung transplant.

Hopkins has said that cystic fibrosis has robbed her of her future.

“Cystic fibrosis has totally robbed me of my future. I had always dreamt of getting married and starting my own family, but that is a future I can never plan for, because it is a future I do not have.”

However, she has also expressed that she will live life to the fullest while she can.

“But I am determined to live while I’m still alive – not just sit around waiting for a call that may never come, which is why I have created a bucket list.”

On her bucket list is “Meeting singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran,” and he is pretty high on her list. Maybe once he gets wind of her wish, he’ll make it happen. In the meantime, some pretty cool things are being done with Ed Sheeran’s music. In particular, Time reports that Sheeran’s song “Thinking Out Loud” has been covered by vocalist Holly Campbell-Smith, but it has a “jazzy, vintage swing” to it.

Apparently, Ed Sheeran is not only someone to cover, but someone to take as an inspiration when producing a video. First Post reports that a new Indian film called Fitoor features a song, “Pashmin,” that in itself is distinct, but which has a video that practically mimics Ed Sheeran’s video for “Thinking Out Loud.” The choreography, backdrop, and costuming in the two videos are strikingly similar. Watch and judge for yourself.

Ed Sheeran is most certainly inspirational. Nottingham Post reports that Jamie Lawson, a singer/songwriter from Plymouth, credits Sheeran for giving him his big break into the music industry.

“To be honest, I thought that I had missed the chance. At the time when it broke over in Ireland I had big hopes of the song making it big in England, big in Europe and perhaps even hitting the USA. When it didn’t I was a little bit heartbroken I think. I thought that I had missed out on my one chance. So the fact that it has come around again because of Ed Sheeran and his involvement, it is just a massive surprise and a really welcome one at that. I am very grateful to Ed for giving me the chance to get the song out to the world. I always thought that it would connect as it did in Ireland which has now finally been proved.”

As for what it’s like working with Ed Sheeran, Lawson says it’s great.

“Ed is great. It’s interesting that Ed has said a few times that the attraction of him working with me is that he knew that he wouldn’t have to work very hard. He knew that I would be able to go into the studio and make the record that I wanted to make and that would work. When Ed started talking about the label and I spoke to him about the record that I wanted to make, I found him to be on-board very early on. All that Ed had to do was to facilitate the right people to work with and then I simply went into the studio to make the record and I have to say that it has been absolutely great in that way. He is a very good boss!”

It sounds like Ed Sheeran is the man for aspiring singers and songwriters to work with in the music industry!

[Photo by Tinseltown/Shutterstock]