Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani Return To ‘The Voice’ — See Who Else Is Confirmed

Gwen Stefani will be joining Blake Shelton on season 10 of The Voice. Blake Shelton will return as one of the four judges while Gwen Stefani will act as mentor to his group of selected singers.

Blake Shelton has been a judge on The Voice for all of the show’s past nine seasons and has chosen the winning singer four times. As for Gwen Stefani, she has been a judge on The Voice for two seasons: season 7 and the recently-finished season 9. She will not be returning as a judge because the position belongs to Christina Aguilera.

The news that Gwen Stefani will be back for season 10 of The Voice in some capacity is especially good news for her new boyfriend and fellow judge, Blake Shelton. As Us Weekly reported in an interview back in December, Blake Shelter was keenly aware that he might not be able to continue working with his new girlfriend.

“I don’t want Gwen to not be on the show. Why can’t we have a fifth coach?”

As for Gwen Stefani, she too stated she would miss being on The Voice.

“It’s the combination, it’s the chemistry. I’m already so devastated that I already have three more outfits… And that I’m not gonna be around these guys. It’s hurting me.”

Luckily, Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton won’t have to be separated, and as evidenced by many social media posts, the new couple does not like to be apart for very long. Both recently ended long term marriages: Gwen Stefani with rock musician Gavin Rossdale, and Blake Shelton with country singer Miranda Lambert. Their budding romance began in November last year and were not shy about showing affection to each other.

According to the Huffington Post, Gwen Stefani was recorded running into the arms of Blake Shelton while on the set of The Voice, just weeks after their dating announcement. The video was later posted to Instagram.

Gwen Stefani continued to share adorable pictures of her and new boyfriend Blake Shelton on her Twitter feed. One picture from December shows Blake Shelton playfully biting her arm while fellow judges Pharell Williams and Adam Levine look on.

The two spent Christmas together, and judging by the camouflage outfits that both Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani are sporting in a video she posted to Twitter, The Voice judges had a great, outdoorsy holiday.

Most recently, Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani were seen together at a wedding, and as People reports, Gwen Stefani caught the bouquet, which if superstitions are to be held true means another trip to the altar for her.

The wedding was for Blake Shelton’s hairstylist, Amanda Craig, and took place in Nashville. Also in attendance was The Voice host Carson Daly. The bride flung the bouquet straight at Blake Shelton’s head before landing on the floor. It was immediately picked up by Gwen Stefani.

Season 10 of The Voice will return on Leap Day (February 29). As for season 11 of The Voice, so far only Blake Shelton and Adam Levine have been confirmed. There is a possibility, however that season 11 could finally feature two female judges. According to E! Online, NBC President Paul Telegdy was open to all possibilities.

“I think it’s about the right mix, and that’s a party I’d love to be invited to if I was in any way musically talented. It’s a machine, so finding the right combination would lead us down that path.”

Whether it’s on TV or on social media, we can be assured that Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton’s romance will continue to be documented on The Voice for at least one more season.

[Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images]