Spider-Man's Role In 'Captain America: Civil War' Revealed?

Marvel fans have wondered exactly how Spider-Man would be entering the MCU ever since the character's inclusion in Captain America: Civil War was first announced, and now a new report claims to have revealed exactly how everyone's favorite web-slinger will make his debut.[Potential Spoilers Follow]Marvel and Sony entered into a nearly unprecedented deal to bring Spider-Man into the Marvel Cinematic Universe last year, as TechnoBuffalo points out, eventually settling on Tom Holland as the actor who would take on the role. While some characters from Civil War have been revealed in set photos and the film's first trailer, Spider-Man has been notably absent, leaving his appearance as something of a mystery. A new report, however, claims to have finally pinned down the role that Spider-Man will play in the third Captain America film, and whose side he will take in the conflict.

According to Geek, Captain America: Civil War won't be a full or even partial origin tale for Spider-Man. When we first meet the character, he will be 15-years-old, having already operated as a superhero for some time. As is to be expected, his web-slinging exploits will have attracted the attention of his fellow heroes, including one he apparently idolizes.

The report asserts that Tony Stark will have already been well acquainted with Spider-Man and his abilities by the time that Civil War takes place. Given the fact that Stark has access to SHIELD's files, it makes sense that he and the organization have both been aware of Peter Parker's exploits for some time. In this telling of Civil War, Stark apparently reaches out in an attempt to recruit Spidey to his side of the conflict, offering to sweeten the deal with a brand new Spider-suit, as-yet-unseen by fans. Considering Stark's technological prowess, it only seems reasonable that this new suit is a major step up from the one Peter Parker is wearing earlier on in the film.

It also appears that there is an added dimension to the relationship between Stark and Parker in this version of Civil War. According to Geek's report, Parker originally took on the persona of Spider-Man after witnessing Stark's exploits, as he was only 5-years-old at the time of the first Iron Man film.
"Peter started becoming Spidey because he grew up and idolized Tony."
While apparently sourced from someone close to the production of the film, this information has yet to be confirmed in any capacity by Marvel. Rumors are hardly new to the production of Civil War, however, and Spider-Man's appearance has been chief among them.

No one knows yet exactly which style of Spider-suit will feature in the film, be it more traditional or a new, high-tech version. Reports have suggested that fans will see Spidey in several different guises during the film, apparently debuting in a Spider-Man styled hoodie when we first meet him. Anthony Russo has teased in an interview that the movie will show "a mix of what everyone is wanting and a little twist," in regards to Spider-Man's appearance, raising fan hopes that an "Iron Spider" suit could be in the works, yet that is also little more than rumor at this point.

Whatever the character's role turns out to be, fans will see Spider-Man finally join the Marvel Cinematic Universe on May 6, when Captain America: Civil War is released.

[Photo by Mike Pont/Getty Images]