‘RHOA’ Season 8: Kim Fields’ Husband Called Gay — Cynthia Disses BFF Kenya For NeNe’s Sake [Videos]

The new season of RHOA is already heating up with the below preview videos from Bravo. As the RHOA cast heads to Jamaica, Kim Fields finds herself defending rumors that her husband, Christopher Morgan, is gay. Chris is called “Chrissy” by Kenya, and Fields’ husband is called gay many times. The women seem shocked as they hear about the “open secret” that everyone allegedly already knows.

“Still to Come This Season on #RHOA…The ‘Wives head to Jamaica, rumors surface about one of the husbands, and Kenya dresses up as…the Grinch?!”

It’s not the first time that rumors about Chris’ sexuality have surfaced. Merely Googling the phrase “Christopher Morgan gay” or “Kim Fields husband gay” turns up a variety of websites and blogs that say Chris swears he’s not gay, as reported by Diary of a Hollywood Street King, but allege Morgan is living a double life, preferring the company of men to his own wife. Kim gets angry at the suggestions that Chris might be gay, and when Fields talks with Chris about “checking” somebody, Morgan says Kim doesn’t need to “check” anybody.

NeNe Leakes also shows up in the RHOA preview, with new blonde hair and plenty of talk about how she needed a break from RHOA for a little while.

Todd Tucker is shown in the RHOA clip, claiming that he doesn’t want to change diapers for his upcoming child. Meanwhile, Todd and his wife Kandi have a surprise baby shower. Kandi admits she had a feeling something was going on with the planning of the baby shower.

Porsha Williams got advice about freezing her eggs, since she isn’t ready to have a baby yet — but bemoaned that being surrounded by pregnant women was giving her baby fever.

Matt the trainer and Kenya have an attraction, and with him being 28 years of age, that was a topic of discussion. Kenya was teased by Parks, saying she’d have her poster up in the post office — but Matt isn’t that much younger than Kenya, and it sounded like a bit of sour grapes on Parks’ part.

As for the gay controversy, Chris said the RHOA women baited Kim.

Another hot topic involved Kandi experiencing the feds coming to her house so that Apollo’s property could be seized. Parks didn’t want to talk about that matter. In terms of how best friendships can change, Cynthia said Kenya wasn’t her instant BFF. Bailey was accused of kicking Kenya to the curb once NeNe came back into the group.

Kenya and Kim really got into a heated argument over the potentially gay husband issue. Fields was called tired. Kenya pulled Kim’s chair. That’s when Fields let go of her “Tootie” image and let some curse words fly.

Cynthia was excited to see NeNe return to RHOA, and in the below video, Bailey asks Leakes to unblock her on social media so Cynthia can follow her once more.

Phaedra and the RHOA cast reacted to NeNe leaving RHOA and coming back to RHOA in the below video. Kandi had the funniest reaction when she gave a serious side eye to NeNe’s departure in the first place. Meanwhile, NeNe talked about being one of the original RHOA cast members, and experiencing a stressful time on the show.

In the above photo, Fields is seen with husband Christopher, who has become the subject of gay rumors on RHOA. The couple is pictured back in 2008, in Santa Monica, California.

(AP Photo/Gus Ruelas)