‘Happy Days’ Lawsuit: CBS & ‘Happy Days’ Cast Reach Settlement

Cast members from the 1970s hit comedy Happy Days have reportedly reached a settlement in their ongoing legal battle with the CBS television network over merchandising profits.

The settlement comes just days before the case been scheduled to go on trial in Los Angeles.

In the original Happy Days lawsuit, filed in 2011, actors Marion Ross, Don Most, Anson Williams and Erin Moran, along with the estate of Tom Bosley (who died in 2010), had claimed that they had been stiffed on compensation for merchandise including comic books, T-shirts, scrapbooks, trading cards, games, lunch boxes, dolls, toy cars, magnets, greeting cards and DVD covers.

CNN writes that under their contracts, the actors were supposed to receive 5% of net proceeds, or 2.5% if their images were used in a group.

They said they began wondering why they weren’t being paid more when their faces appeared on slot machines.

While the cast members initially sought $10 million, a source for THR confirmed that the group eventually settled on receiving $60,000 to $65,000 each and will continue to get some future royalties.

Following the settlement, Jon Pfeiffer, the attorney for the “Happy Days” cast members, told TheWrap:

“We are satisfied with the outcome. We will continue to receive all of the merchandising royalties promised to us in our contracts.”

Former stars of the show Ron Howard, who played Richie, and Henry Winkler, who famously took on the role of Fonzie, were not involved in the suit.