Kate Middleton To Take Over Huffington Post UK For A Day, Brings Attention To Children's Mental Health Issues [Video]

Kate Middleton is going to guest edit the UK section of the Huffington Post for a day in February in honor of Britain's first Children's Mental Health Week. The Duchess of Cambridge has made children's mental health a clear focus of her charitable work, and hopes to use her influence to shed light on the issue.

According to the Daily Mail, Kate will take over at the Huffington Post for the day and plans to open up rooms in Kensington Palace to journalists to use as a newsroom in February. Middleton also hopes to commission articles from experts and parents, as well as stories from children that will focus on mental health issues effecting young people.

According to a spokesperson from Kensington Palace, Kate plans to "use the opportunity to highlight the inspiring work being done by parents, teachers, researchers and mental health professionals around the country." Middleton is reportedly "delighted" to take over at the famous website for a day, and loves that she can bring attention to an issue she's so passionate about.

Middleton is well-known to be a supporter of the British charity Place2Be, which provides services such as emotional help and support to young people in need. Kate took over the role of patron in 2013, and last year Middleton recorded a video for the charity.

In the video, Kate confessed that she and William wanted to help the children who struggle to cope with bullying, bereavement, family trouble, which can lead to depression, anxiety, addiction, and self-harm. Middleton also highlighted that because of the stigma that surrounds mental health, many children do not get the help they need.

In the video, Middleton also said, "William and I sincerely believe that early action can prevent problems in childhood from turning into larger ones later in life."

Recently, Kate supported the charity during the 23rd ICAP charity day, a fun day in which the bankers at the investment firm donate the day's income to charities. Place2Be was one of the charities that received part of the $12 million raised. During Charity Day, ICAP closed almost $547 million in deals, with $12 million in revenue going to the charities.

During the day, Kate and William had fun on the phones, closing accounts and joking around. Prince William especially seemed to love Charity Day, and urged brokers to close larger and larger deals, at one point shouting into his phone to a customer "[i]s that all, James? Is that all you can do?!"

At one point, William jokingly said that Kate was able to help raise so much money because she was flirting with callers. William also said he was embarrassed, but meant it lightheartedly. "I think you can stop flirting with them now!," Prince William insisted, and explained to another worker that Kate "is just embarrassing me!"

The Huffington Post UK is reportedly "thrilled" to have Kate join them for a day, telling news site ABC.Net.Au that dealing with "mental health issues has been a major editorial focus for us." Stephen Hull, editor-in-chief of The Huffington Post UK said that he is "very excited to be working together on such an important project" with Kate Middleton.

Kate was recently spotted with William on a hunting excursion for her birthday January 9 at Queen Elizabeth II's Sandringham estate in Norfolk, England. Although Middleton rarely goes hunting, "she knows how to do it," a source close to Kate revealed. For the birthday festivities, Middleton was joined by Prince William, parents Carole and Michael Middleton, sister Pippa, and brother James.

The royal insider also revealed that "William's very much a fan of the sport," so he's taken Kate Middleton with him "together in the past and enjoyed it with friends." The hunt was successful, and "Kate bagged a bird," the insider added.

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