Kim Kardashian’s Photos ‘Cringeworthy?’ Find Out Which Shoot Surprised Momager Kris Jenner

As the manager for her children, it seems that Kris Jenner would be aware of the work that her famous daughters are doing. As it turns out, that’s not always the case.

On Thursday, Jenner sat down with Maria Schriver during an event called Architects of Change, in Los Angeles, and according to Us Weekly, Jenner told Schriver that she doesn’t always know what Kim Kardashian and her sisters are doing professionally.

Sometimes, the work even surprises her, Kris Jenner said.

During the interview with Schriver, Jenner called some of the photo shoots done by her daughter’s absolutely “cringeworthy.” In the same conversation, Jenner notes that she didn’t know Kim’s famous Paper photos were coming out until they hit the stands.

“I don’t even know that they’re coming out [sometimes]. Like [Kim’s] martini glass on the booty.”

The Paper magazine photos show Kim Kardashian’s naked rear in one shot, and in another, Kardashian is shown holding a champagne bottle and shooting the champagne into a glass on her booty. When the photos were originally released in 2014, the photos gained popularity on social media with the hashtag #breaktheinternet. The iconic photos also inspired many memes.

Find out more about Kim Kardashian’s famous booty shot in the video below. (Article continues after the video.)

Kim Kardashian's Paper Magazine Shoot

During the interview, Kris Jenner went on to say that she usually knows what Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner are up to because they’re still so young, but when it comes to her older daughters Kourtney, Kim, and Khloe, she’s often in the dark.

“With those three, because of their age, I am more a friend than a mom, because they’re telling me what to do. I don’t want to be that nasty mom that’s telling them what to do, because I want them to take care of me when I’m old.”

The older Keeping Up With the Kardashians stars are each in their 30s: Kourtney is 36, Kim is 35 and Khloe is 31. Kris Jenner’s younger daughters, Kendall and Kylie Jenner, are 20 and 18, respectively.

Earlier this week, Kim Kardashian released an excerpt from her Editorialist interview, during which she also talked about her mother’s engagement in her career. In that interview, Kim said that Kris Jenner is not the “puppet master” that much of the media makes her out to be. In fact, Kim K said that she is actually the one calling many of the shots when it comes to the careers of her family members.

“It’s so funny, because I’ll hear stories like, ‘Kris Jenner is the puppet master, having all of her kids do this and that,’ and I’m like, ‘If they only knew,’ I’m the one that will be like, ‘Kylie, do this. Kendall, you should do this.'”

During her interview with Maria Schriver Thursday, Kris Jenner confirmed Kim’s earlier comments saying that “being a mom is always (her) first responsibility… That always comes first.”

It’s a new take on the old story that has always assumed mama Kris to be the driving force behind the Kardashian’s attention-seeking ways, as well the force behind the entire family’s popularity. Now, more and more reports seem to be indicating that the long-held belief isn’t exactly true.

What do you think of Kris Jenner’s insinuation that Kim Kardashian’s Paper cover (among others) is absolutely cringeworthy? Do you agree or disagree?

Also, Who do you think is the driving force behind the success of the KUWTK stars?

Find out more about Kim Kardashian’s “puppet master” comments in the video below.

[Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment for Cosmopolitan]