Did Emma Stone And Andrew Garfield Fool The Media Into Thinking They Broke Up?

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield are still “very much together” if the latest rumors are to be believed. Multiple reports suggest that The Amazing Spider-Man couple have misled the media into thinking that they broke up.

Master Herald pointed out that news of Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield‘s break up conveniently coincided with the promotion of her new movie with Ryan Gosling. Given that Stone and Gosling will once again be onscreen partners in La La Land, it will reportedly increase the fans’ excitement to see Emma with a new man.

The outlet also speculated that Stone and Garfield have actually “orchestrated” the entire break up to finally get rid of the paparazzi. It was said that both actors grew tired of photographers following them around, wanting to know each and every detail of their relationship. Emma and Andrew allegedly wanted to focus on their respective careers, which would never happen if their love life is always in the spotlight.

In October, E! News confirmed that Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield have officially ended their relationship after four years of dating. A source close to the couple shared that Stone and Garfield remained friends and wanted nothing but the best for each other.

Although Emma and Andrew never talked about the reason for the split, insiders claim that it was their hectic schedule that ultimately killed the relationship. With him shooting Hacksaw Ridge and her filming La La Land it reportedly became impossible to see each other.

Speaking to Wall Street Journal, Emma Stone admitted that she is uncomfortable talking about her relationship with Andrew Garfield. The actress shared that she would rather keep everyone guessing than comment on the issue.

“I understand the interest in it completely, because I’ve had it, too. But it’s so special to me that it never feels good to talk about, so I just continually don’t talk about it.”

Emma added that she would feel a bit “rebellious” whenever she refuses to talk about the current rumors. Instead of talking about it, she said that she would rather have the media spread false information about her, adding that it would die down eventually.

In spite of Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield’s silence, it seems like the media just would not leave the two alone. A new report from Radar Online claimed that the 99 Homes star is trying to win his ex-girlfriend back. The outlet added that Stone was actually thinking of getting their relationship a second chance.

The alleged insider shared that Stone and Garfield had a very co-dependent, unhealthy relationship. It was said that he is pulling all the stops just to get her back.

“Andrew just can’t let her go. It’s like he only wants her when he can’t have her and it’s really messing her up.”

As for Stone, the source claimed that she had been lonely without him. Although her friends allegedly tried to talk her out of it, it seems like Emma has made up her mind.

“She is softening against his charm onslaught because she’d rather be with him and unhappy than alone. It’s a strange co-dependent relationship and there’s a growing number of friends who are desperately trying to talk them out of yet another doomed reunion,” the insider revealed.

Clearly, there have been a lot of rumors surrounding Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield as of late. While some publications speculated that the couple planned the break up to bring the focus back to their respective careers, others claimed that it was really over for the two of them. That is, until Garfield allegedly realized his mistake and came crawling back to Stone.

Do you think Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield successfully fooled the press into believing they had broken up? Or are they really done for good this time? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

[Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images]