Jessica Simpson Not Drunk At Fashion Award Ceremony, Just 'Choked Up And Emotional' Rep Insists [Video]

Jessica Simpson's appearance at a New York fashion awards ceremony has reports surfacing again that the singer-turned-stylist was drunk, again, in public. Last September, Simpson came under scrutiny for a bizarre display on the Home Shopping Network that left viewers wondering if she was wasted on camera.

On January 12, Simpson was honored at the YMA Geoffrey Beene National Scholarship Awards for her design expertise and contribution to fashion, receiving an honorary award for her efforts. While no one disputes Jessica's fashion expertise, fans are questioning whether Jessica Simpson was sober.

At the awards ceremony, Simpson appeared out of it, slurring her speech and giving odd ball answers to interview questions. According to an eye witness at the event, Jessica displayed some questionable quirks. The witness later told Page Six that Jessica "stands up in front of the crowd and goes, 'Ooooh, awards speech' in a breathy voice," when accepting her award at the Marriott Marquis.

The insider also revealed that "Jessica seemed very out of it," and the audience "couldn't follow [Simpson's award speech] at all."

A rep for Jessica Simpson said the celebrity does not have any substance abuse issues, and was not as "loopy" as some award attendees suggested. According to her rep, Jessica, who recently lost her business partner and mentor, "was choked up and emotional after the heartfelt introduction," which was given by her business partner's wife, Louise Camuto.

A rep for Simpson also admonished the Page Six reporter, asserting that it "is disappointing" the media is "choosing to focus on a moment of honest emotion rather than on the prestigious award she received for her work."

During a pre-award ceremony interview with Extra, Jessica did appear a little out of it with answers to questions, frequently not speaking clearly or pronouncing her words very well. When asked if she bought a Powerball ticket, Simpson replied that she did, but then queried, "do rich people even win the lottery?"

Last September, Simpson came under fire for a bizarre appearance on the Home Shopping Network, in which she appeared drunk, making odd statements and slurring her words. The network insisted Jessica was sober and professional the entire time, and a rep explained that viewers, who insisted Simpson was drunk, were just seeing part of her personality quirks. According to the network, two hours without a script can lead to some painful moments.

Simpson also displayed some odd behavior on Instagram as she shared family photos. In one paparazzi photo Simpson shared, a very slim Jessica is walking with her husband, former NFL player Eric Johnson, leaving John F. Kennedy airport in New York City. Simpson captioned the photo with a bizarre homage to Johnson, sharing that she is "Happy to procreate with this Man."

Simpson and Johnson have two children together, daughter Maxwell and son Ace. The couple became engaged in 2010, and they married in 2014 in a California ceremony.

When it comes to moms, Jessica has some advice for keeping the weight off. According to Simpson, she's been able to stay skinny by eating right and just being a mom.

"I think being a mom is enough of a diet," Simpson advised, according to Entertainment Tonight. Being the mother of two small children means she has "to run around chasing [her] kids." Although Jessica does eat right most of the time, with two small ones, she admits to eating "a lot of their corn dogs," so she also makes sure to "get on the treadmill a lot to watch my TV shows."

In addition to the treadmill, Jessica also does a "lot of squats" as well as a "lot of push-ups, got to keep these things up," but confirmed her biggest diet secret is "running around with my kids. That is a diet in itself."

What do you think? Was Jessica Simpson drunk, or are we just seeing an odder side of her personality? Leave your comment below.

[Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]