‘Sesame Street’ Photobombs With Jimmy Fallon As They Move To HBO [Watch]

Notorious for his epic photobombs, Jimmy Fallon, is up to his old antics again. The Tonight Show host previously teamed up with Cameron Diaz to shock unsuspected tourist at the Rockefeller Center in New York, The Inquisitr reports.

Today has documented his next partner, or rather partners in crime. This time Fallon teamed up with the furry residents of Sesame Street in a scheme to shock young photo subjects.

Fallon kicked off the whole operation by briefly explaining the whole concept of photobombing to Elmo and his Sesame Street pals.

[Image via YouTube]
[Image via YouTube]
Then they turned it up a notch when Fallon introduced advanced photobombing tactics such as the “double hoagie” and the infamous “double cookie” with the Cookie Monster.

[Image via YouTube]
[Image via YouTube]
Jimmy and Cookie performing "the double cookie" [Image via YouTube]
Jimmy and Cookie performing “the double cookie” [Image via YouTube]
After the photobombing, the kids became aware of Fallon and the Sesame Street gang goofing off behind them. Their reactions varied as some immediately demanded answers, while others required hugs. Jimmy says it’s the cutest thing ever, appropriately.

Fallon and the Sesame Street Muppets successfully pulled off the operation. However, the gag was no spontaneous gesture–something Fallon is also famous for. Rather it was a part of a promotion campaign for Sesame Street– as was the case for Diaz.

The New York Post reports that Sesame Street will now air on HBO. The iconic children’s program kicked off its 46th season on the premium channel Today at 9 a.m. EST as previously tweeted by Sesame Street themselves.

The move from PBS to HBO is all a part of the battle that the premium channel is facing against the constantly rising streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon.

The Christian Science Monitor reports that hopefully, a heavy-hitter like Sesame Street can lure in more subscribers as web streaming services like Netflix do not emphasize popular children’s programming as much.

Amanda Lotz, professor of communication studies at the University of Michigan, recently commented on the significance of HBO picking up Sesame Street.

“This is important for HBO’s competition with Netflix, because kids’ programming hasn’t been a major part of its brand. Offering distinctive, high-quality kids programming will maintain viewership year-round and help stem subscriber churn,”

Along with the channel change, some other components of the show of the show itself have changed also.

Elmo has now gentrified himself into a brownstone apartment while Cookie Monster does his best to cooperate with an all-cookie crime fighting team without eating them.


Some other changes include Big Bird taking a more realist approach to living in a bird’s nest. Oscar the Grouch will go even greener than he already is by frequently popping up in recycling bins and compost receptacles.

Sesame Street also debuted a new character altogether. A Latina-bilingual muppet named Nina will join the cast of Sesame Street. The pink muppet will work at the neighborhood bike store and laundromat while helping Elmo and friends to solve problems.

Nina is another great addition to the already colorfully diverse cast of Sesame Street. The children’s show has already introduced characters whom relate to underrepresented children like, Julia–a muppet with autism.

[Image via The Odyssey Online]
[Image via The Odyssey Online]
Another significant change is that episodes will now only be a half-hour long. This will be better suited to retain the attention of children in the digital age.

Regardless of which network or streaming service Sesame Street ends up, Fallon’s latest photobomb venture with them reminds us why we all loved the adorable muppets in the first place.

How do you think Sesame Street will fair on HBO?

[Image via NBC/Douglas Gorenstein]

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