WWE Rumors: ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin Wants Bill Goldberg Back In WWE

For years and years, there have been rumors that “Stone Cold” Steve Austin would return to the ring one day for one more match in WWE. He has talked about it, hinted at it, and even teased the fans with one at times, but Austin recently said he is officially done in the ring. He does still do his podcast and promotional work for WWE, but he also has an opinion. That opinion currently states that WWE should bring back Bill Goldberg.

Goldberg has talked time and time again about a return to wrestling over the years, and it’s no surprise that he’d like to have his son see him perform. Many rumors have flown around about his talks with WWE and a possible return and even a match with Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 32.

Right now, that seems rather out of the question and is really nothing more than speculation. Still, he’s not quite ready to totally hang up the boots and if the right offer came along, Goldberg could be back in a WWE ring someday.

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Even if he weren’t to return as an in-ring performer though, Austin absolutely believes that Goldberg deserves to be contacted by WWE. The reason he should be contacted by WWE is because Austin thinks Goldberg definitely belongs in the Hall of Fame.

Austin was a guest on The Ross Report and talked about a number of topics including WrestleMania 32, NXT, and Roman Reigns. One of his biggest opinions though, came about Goldberg heading into the Hall.

“Oh, absolutely bring Bill Goldberg back. I’ve heard some chatter off [of] his Twitter account that he’s looking for a match and maybe that’s just rumor, but man, if there is a guy that deserves a send off, that is Bill Goldberg. He had a hell of a damn run in WCW. He’s a Hall of Fame guy in my opinion, for his impact on the business. He wasn’t around real long, but his impact was felt big time,” Austin stated. “His run in WWE wasn’t all that it could have been, but he came in at a weird time. But bring him back and put him in there with somebody that he can do his thing with, whoever that is, whether they go 2, 3, 10, 15 [minutes], I don’t know, but it would be fun to see Bill back in the ring. It really would for me.”

See, even Austin has heard the talk of Goldberg having another match or two in a WWE ring. The master of The Spear just turned 49-years-old, but is still in tremendous shape and could easily handle his own in the ring and with some of the young talent currently in WWE.

Many would love to see Goldberg return as he’s been out of the company since having his last match at WrestleMania XX. That match with Brock Lesnar is one that so many consider to be one of the worst in wrestling history.

Obviously, no one wants to have had their last big bout to be remembered in that way. At least, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin was in that match too as the special guest referee and got the last laugh on both men.

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A WWE Hall of Fame induction for Bill Goldberg seems almost a necessity, especially after his amazing debut and run with WCW during the “Monday Night Wars” as What Culture pointed out. That is only a small part though of the amazing wrestling career he had.

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin says something, and people are going to listen, and that includes WWE. Sure, not everything may be done, but his word will be taken into consideration. If he says Bill Goldberg should be brought back and put in the Hall of Fame, it may not be surprising if it ends up happening one day.

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