Hey Ladies – need some nighttime breast support? [VIDEO]

Now I can’t really say much about this being a man and all but somehow this strikes me just as a little bit on the wrong side. Not to mention some curiosity about how you would actually get something like this Kush contraption to stay in place all night.

Their sales blurb

After comprehensive research and testing, Kush was developed as an anatomically contoured accessory offering both health and beauty benefits. Made from a lightweight plastic with a slip-resistant outer coating, Kush is uniquely designed to fit between the breasts to maintain a more natural shape while resting on your side. No straps, no underwires, no constraints, no adhesives and no garments needed – the slip-resistant surface and contoured shape help keep Kush in place as a woman rolls from one side to the other during sleep.

All this for the price of $38.95 for the small, $39.95 for the medium, or $42.00 for the large. Wow.