TotalBiscuit Cancer Update: Gaming Commentator John Bain Gives Encouraging Update To Fans Amid Cancer Treatment

TotalBiscuit is once again coming out on top in his battle with cancer.

The popular YouTube gaming commentator, whose real name is John Bain, posted an update this week saying that the cancer that returned late last year was growing smaller.

“Tumor markers down more than 75%,” he tweeted. “This little b**** picked a fight with the wrong man”

This is a sharp difference from the update TotalBiscuit offered in October. After announcing in 2014 that he had “full blown cancer,” Bain offered an update in October that looked grim. After some more positive developments, he told fans in October that the cancer had taken another turn.

In a message posted through Twitter, he told fans that a CT scan showed that the cancer in his bowel was gone, but he still had spots on his liver.

He shared the sad news.

“Average life expectancy is 2-3 years, though there are outliers that live much longer. I’ll be back on chemo in a few weeks, with the goal of pushing it back and keeping it there for as long as possible. I fully intend to be the outlier, the average is this way because most people that get this are old and not strong anymore. Who knows what they’ll come up with in the next decade? I intend to beat it for as long as possible. Gonna need some time to process all of this. I don’t really feel anything right now. Thanks.”

He later added that the diagnosis hit hard, saying the two to three year estimate was like “a bombshell going off in your mind.

“There’s a reason why people ask you to sit down before giving you bad news, it’s burned into my brain, all the strength disappearing from my limbs, the feeling of having your lifes plans, hopes and dreams shatter in an instant all at once,” he wrote. “But you get over it and you prepare for another battle, start to investigate all the options you have, put your faith in science and do everything you can both in terms of personal willpower and your bodies fitness to help those professionals give you the best treatment possible.”

TotalBiscuit offered a cancer update to fans
Bain didn’t say how the latest update may affect the original prognosis of two to three years, but his

Fans shared words of encouragement with the 30-year-old Bain, who is also known by The Cynical Brit and TotalHalibut. Many took to his Reddit page to offer their support.

TotalBiscuit has quickly grown his stature in the YouTube gamingworld, with more than 100,000 views for most of his videos. He’s also been recognized in the industry, earning runner-up in the Golden Joystick 2012 awards for Greatest YouTube Gamer category.

Bain has also moved beyond just YouTube broadcasts, and announced in 2012 that he would sponsor team-dignitas player BlinG.

TotalBiscuit said his tumors have shrunk by 75 percent.
“The StarCraft community has given a lot to me and in turn I’ve had the opportunity to give back with SHOUTcraft Invitational,” he said at the time. “Now it is time to take it one step further and directly support a UK talent that I believe has the potential to be one of the best foreigners in the world.”

His cancer updates have given him even more attention. TotalBiscuit’s fans have been sharing the updates on Reddit, with the posts frequently voted to the top page, earning him some press outside his normal fan base.

The fight with cancer has not slowed down TotalBiscuit in his work. He still posts regular videos during his treatment, and keeps up communication with fans on social media.

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