‘Fuller House’ Cast Revealed In Latest Netflix Trailer

The Fuller House cast have been sighted. The latest trailer shows the Fuller House cast getting ready to occupy their new home. But you have to wonder how this will work without Michelle Tanner around. Even if she doesn’t change her mind about joining the cast, she’ll be on fans’ minds. And when the show arrives on Netflix, you can be sure her name will fly around the house when spoken by the main stars of the new series, Candace Cameron Bure, Jodie Sweetin, and Andrea Barber.

But everyone is older now, and have children of their own. D.J. and Kimmy will both have kids. The show hovers around D.J. and her efforts to raise three children after her husband died. The first episode will be a reunion episode where most of the cast from Full House will return. Afterwards, the cast will settle into their primary roles.

Fans’ hearts broke around the world when they found out that Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen will not be joining the new series. Hopefully, the Olsen twins will have a change of heart and at least make cameos in future seasons. John Stamos is holding out, and has said that the Olsen sisters are always welcome. The news came when Lori Loughlin confirmed in an interview that the twins would not show up. Loughlin played Becky Katsopolis on Full House. She’ll be back for Fuller House, perhaps still as wife to Uncle Jesse.

Lori Loughlin told HuffPost how she felt making Fuller House with a cast she knew so well many years ago.

“After you got over the initial surreal experience of like, ‘Wow, we’re here again,’ we sort of fell back into line exactly as we were. And we had a lot of laughs and a lot of good times and it was a lot like picking up right where we left off.”

So will the show live up to its Full House legacy? That depends on if they still remember why Full House was such a big hit. According to Entertainment Weekly, D.J. Tanner is now taking the role her dad took in the old series. Kimmy and Stephanie are coming in to help her raise her kids just like Uncle Jesse and Uncle Joey moved in to help Danny Tanner back then. So the premise is repeating itself. But if that’s the case, what role will Bob Saget, Dave Coulier, and John Stamos play this time around? Actually, John Stamos will play an even bigger role, because this time he’s also behind the camera as a producer. There’s no telling about the other two guys, if they’ll be relegated to background characters or not in the midst of a filled Fuller House cast.

The x factor for this show is likely Kimmy Gibbler. She’s got a daughter with her now, and according to an interview with Candace Cameron Bure, Kimmy’s even more quirky. She could be the one to keep this overpopulated ship from sinking. The interactions between her and her daughter or between her and her old friends are likely to be the comedic central point.

At the same time as Stamos handles acting and producing duties on Fuller House, he’s making time for his successful Fox show Grandfathered. And in the lead-up to a full reunion, according to the Inquisitr, Bob Saget showed up on Grandfathered for a mini reunion with Stamos. He showed up just last Tuesday night to make nostalgic Full House fans even more anxious for the Fuller House cast reunion.

[Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for The People’s Choice Awards]