Did Rob Dyrdek, Longtime Pro Skateboarder, Lose His Deal With DC Shoes?

Did pro skater Rob Dyrdek lose his endorsement deal with DC Shoes?

GrindTV reports that, according to representatives from DC Shoes, the company is “ending its relationship with celebrity pro skateboarder” Rob Dyrdek.

Based on the report, it seems as if the decision to end the relationship with Rob Dyrdek was more of a necessary business move than a personal decision to cut ties with their longtime spokesperson.

Quiksilver, the parent company of DC Shoes, filed documents for a Chapter 11 bankruptcy last September. According to the report, the company rejected Rob Dyrdek’s contract while shifting its focus towards announcing a brand new partnership with a group of new riders.

Rob Dyrdek
(Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images for DC Shoes)

DC Shoes was first acquired by Quiksilver back in March of 2004. The San Diego Union Tribune reported that the overall transaction came with an $87 million price tag.

Ken Block, the president of DC Shoes, issued an official statement claiming that they were “celebrating this deal and hanging out with people we’ve known for a long time.” He further explained that “they understand us, we understand them and that makes it a lot easier.”

Long before Quiksilver came into the picture, Rob Dyrdek was working hard to boost the popularity and presence of the footwear company. As one of the original riders for DC Shoes, Dyrdek made major waves for the company in a number of different ways.

It’s kinda crazy that DC Shoes dropped Rob Dyrdek after 20 years. That’s like Nike dropping Jordan or Lebron.

— Blackout Ute (@BlackoutUte) January 14, 2016

He continued to promote the brand even after he became an MTV star with several popular series under his belt, including Fantasy Factory and Ridiculousness.

Dyrdek’s first pro signature shoe with DC Shoes was released nearly 21 years ago back in 1995. Since that first release, the company has designed and developed 29 different signature model shoes for the longtime skateboarder and TV celebrity.

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In an October 2014 interview with GrindTV, Rob Dyrdek opened up about how he was doing when it came to juggling the lives of a professional skateboarder, entrepreneur, and TV entertainer.

“Skateboarding came first, but I think the willpower and the repetitiveness of trying over and over to really learn a trick, I’ve really applied to my business life of really knowing that you’re not going to do something perfect the first time, but if you keep doing it over and over you will eventually learn it the right way forever.”

Dyrdek further explained how skateboarding was no longer the same for him after he became a TV star with all of the MTV exposure. However, he still managed to find a silver lining of sorts to the celebrity spotlight.

“Skateboarding for me is a whole lot different for me than before the TV fame, if you will, because going out in the street is a little bit different. Everybody knows where you’re at, but it’s beneficial, too. Sometimes I’ll be somewhere and the cops will show up to kick me out and end up just asking for a photo.”

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Rob Dyrdek has an estimated net worth of $50 million.

Neither Rob nor DC Shoes has yet to make an official announcement about ending their decades-long relationship. However, as reported by GrindTV, Rob Dyrdek is no longer listed on the skate team roster found on the company’s website.

[Image Credit: Jason Merritt/Getty Images]