Christin Bilotti, Richard Rojas: ‘I’d Kill For You’ Airs 2005 Miami Murder, Involving Strip Club Owner Who Allegedly Wanted Daughter’s Boyfriend Dead

Christin Bilotti, the 17-year-old girl whose rape allegations led to the death of her ex-boyfriend, Richard Rojas, is the inspiration for tonight’s newest episode of I’d Kill For You on Investigation Discovery. I’d Kill For You highlights cases of individuals who will go to great lengths to please the one they love.

On Saturday’s I’d Kill For You episode, “Killing Me Softly,” Investigation Discovery addicts will learn the details in the case of an 18-year-old man who was shot dead in a mansion in Davie, Florida, over 10 years ago. For his murder, Christin Bilotti and John Pacchiana were found guilty in a court of law, according to Local-10 News.

In going back through newspaper articles from 2005, you’ll see headlines about the case of the intruder who was shot to death in Davie. The intruder angle is what police investigators initially believed, until the true facts of the case came to light. Investigation Discovery’s I’d Kill For You reveals that Richard Rojas took his mother’s red BMW at about 1:00 a.m. to visit the home of his ex-girlfriend, Christin Bilotti. But shortly after, he was gunned down at Christin Bilotti’s home. When investigators arrived at the scene located at 15025 SW 51st Street in the gated community of Chelsea At Ivanhoe, they found the body of a deceased Latino male in a pool of blood. An autopsy report stated that the victim had sustained a gunshot blast to his neck and face. Also, there were no signs that a struggle had taken place.

His mother was completely shocked to learn that her son had died in the middle of the night. The man who shot him was identified as John Pacchiana, a bouncer for Christin Bilotti’s father, who told police that he shot Richard Rojas in self-defense.

But as police investigated further, they learned of a more sinister plot. According to the Sun-Sentinel, strip club owner Michael Bilotti said that he sent his employee to his Davie home to protect his ex-wife and daughter from Richard Rojas, since he had been making threats. And when Rojas showed up, he was looking for a fight, and he got one when John Pacchiana shot him in order to protect the family.

But a close friend of Richard Rojas told police that Rojas was told to come to that house, and that he had been provoked by Julio Eddie Arce, Christin Bilotti’s new man. He also revealed that sex did occur earlier that day between Christin Bilotti and Richard Rojas but it was consensual — not rape.

Testimony from Richard Corbin also indicated that the fatal shooting had not occurred the way Pacchiana had stated. Corbin gives this account, according to the Sun-Sentinel.

“When Rojas arrived at 1:30 a.m., insistent on seeing Christin. Pacchiana met him at the doorway and told him he couldn’t come in. Hostile words turned into a fight, with Rojas keeping pace with the much larger Pacchiana. ‘You hit like a b—-,” Rojas said, according to Corbin.’ But Rojas was standing outside the house in the walkway when Pacchiana grabbed his gun and shot him twice. The physical struggle had ended before the shooting. Pacchiana was not making any defensive moves.”

Investigator later deduced that the successful Miami businessman was getting revenge after Christin Bilotti told him and her current boyfriend, Julio Eddie Arce, that Richard Rojas had raped her, although a rape had most likely not occurred, according to nurses at the emergency room who examined Bilotti. A Broward County jury sentenced Christin Bilotti to 30 years, while Michael Bilotti and John Pacchiana were sentenced to life in a Florida correctional facility. Julio Eddie Arce was not charged in the murder.

For the rest of the story, and to see how the trio was finally convicted. Watch an all new episode of I’d Kill For You on Saturday, January 16, at 10 p.m. on Investigation Discovery.

[Image via Florida Department of Corrections]