So fans of Heroes Reborn will have just a little bit left of the season to enjoy before it joins the list of canceled TV shows in 2016. And there aren’t too high of hopes for it ending on a high note. As critic Kate Kulzick noted for AV Club, the show’s ideas this year have been “half-baked” and listless.”It’s unlikely the finale will bring catharsis or character—those looking for either are better off revisiting “Company Man”—but hopefully it will at least deliver on spectacle and send HeroesReborn out in a blaze of ridiculous, contrived glory,” she wrote.Heroes Reborn isn’t the only sci-fi/horror show to be on the chopping block. The Fox show Scream Queens also ended on a low note, bringing its long-term viability into question. The show came in with high expectations, including some very big name guest stars, but debuted to a lackluster start and then continually fell from there.