Canceled TV Shows 2016: ‘Heroes Reborn’ Gets Canceled For Second Time, Won’t Receive Second Season

The list of canceled shows in 2016 has a familiar face, as Heroes Reborn is headed off the air now for a second time.

The fan-favorite series was revived this season, coming back to the air after a run from 2006 to 2010 that started out fantastically, but faded as the show was unable to match the excitement of its first season. The show was one of the most talked-about and well received during that first season, when where Peter Patrelli (Milo Ventimigila) and his brother Nathan (Adrian Pasadar) discovered their superpowers and viewers unraveled the mystery of seemingly invincible cheerleader Clair (Hayden Panitierre).

Heroes ended up being canceled despite the objections of fans, but they made their voices heard and NBC decided to bring the show back this year with Heroes Reborn.

Unfortunately, low ratings and a tepid critical response has led Heroes Reborn to join the list of canceled TV shows in 2016.

Geek reported the following.

“Tim Kring’s superhero series for NBC just can’t catch a break from people who watch NBC. Heroes Reborn, the miniseries that could have been renewed into a full on revival of the original series (just called Heroes) that aired from 2006-2010, will not be returning for another season according to Bob Greenblat, the chairman of NBC Entertainment. That means that the characters and world of Heroes will die once again.”

The cancellation isn’t a big surprise to anyone who had been following closely. The show’s ratings hovered around the cancellation zone all season, and the Zap2It blog TV By The Numbers had it listed as “likely to be canceled” throughout the season.

“Then there was ‘Heroes Reborn,’ which … did not have a good opening to 2016. The show came back from a six-week break to tie its lowest rating of the season (1.0). Its low 1s weren’t looking so bad compared to ‘The Player’ in the fall, but now that ‘Shades of Blue’ has started fairly well, it looks less acceptable.”

“‘Heroes Reborn’ has just two episodes left. NBC will probably trot out the ‘it was pitched as a limited series’ line, but had ratings been better, it would be back. They weren’t, so it’s probably gone.”

So fans of Heroes Reborn will have just a little bit left of the season to enjoy before it joins the list of canceled TV shows in 2016. And there aren’t too high of hopes for it ending on a high note. As critic Kate Kulzick noted for AV Club, the show’s ideas this year have been “half-baked” and listless.”It’s unlikely the finale will bring catharsis or character—those looking for either are better off revisiting “Company Man”—but hopefully it will at least deliver on spectacle and send HeroesReborn out in a blaze of ridiculous, contrived glory,” she wrote.Heroes Reborn isn’t the only sci-fi/horror show to be on the chopping block. The Fox show Scream Queens also ended on a low note, bringing its long-term viability into question. The show came in with high expectations, including some very big name guest stars, but debuted to a lackluster start and then continually fell from there.

Buddy TV‘s Kartik Chainani noted that the show’s cliffhanger format, with the mysterious Red Devils ending up being revealed in the final episode. In past shows with such a one-season mystery format — including Desperate Housewives — it has been difficult to match the drama and suspense of the first year.

With Heroes Reborn joining the list of canceled TV shows in 2016, fans will have just one more episode to see their favorites off.

[Image via NBC/IGN]