‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 12 Spoilers — Grey Sloan Staffers To Rally Around A ‘Physically Impaired’ Meredith When TGIT Returns

Grey’s Anatomy recently unleashed a bombshell that left fans wondering about the fate of Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) as the medical drama continues Season 12. During a TGIT promo video released on Twitter, a bloody Meredith was featured lying face down on the floor of Grey Sloan Memorial. How serious is the situation and will Meredith recover from her injuries?

According to E! Online, Meredith is facing some serious danger in the upcoming episode. Although it isn’t clear what goes down and why Meredith is attacked, Grey’s Anatomy star Kelly McCreary told the outlet that fans can expect a gruesome scene.

“Meredith gets attacked and it’s as gruesome and terrifying as it looks,” she explained. “It’s more. More gruesome and terrifying,” Caterina Scorsone jumped in. “There were moments where we were like, ‘What?! Oh, God!’ It’s a lot.”

To be fair, Meredith has been seen with her face down and in significant trauma in the past and she made it through all right. This includes the untimely death of her husband, Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey) at the end of Season 11. This time, however, the situation may be worse than anything Meredith has dealt with in past seasons.

Meredith is still struggling over the death of McDreamy. [Image via ABC]

“It’s up there with the worst of it,” Sarah Drew explained. “It’s really high because also, she is totally powerless in the midst of it. I think that probably is the most terrifying piece of it for her.”

While there is still a lot of mystery surrounding the attack, Melty is reporting that Meredith was likely attacked by a patient. This appears to make sense, as Meredith was shown on the floor of the hospital with another doctor lying on the ground behind her.

Fortunately, Meredith will have the help of all her fellow doctors as she deals with the fallout of her attack. With the aid of all the doctors at Grey Sloan Memorial, fans can expect Meredith to pull through the ordeal.

“It makes us realize how much of a family Seattle Grace really is and how in times of trauma and times of turmoil, how you come together for the common good,” James Pickens Jr. shared. “In this case, it’s saving her life basically.”

Will Meredith and Amelia mend their relationship when 'Grey's' returns? [Image via ABC]

In addition to her fellow co-workers rallying to her aid, the attack is also set to have an impact on Meredith’s relationship with Amelia. Meredith and Amelia have been going through a rough patch lately, and the traumatic event should help bring them closer. According to Christian Today, however, Amelia will take responsibility for the attack on Meredith and will not handle the situation very well.

“Amelia takes that really hard,” Scorsone explained. “Amelia always holds herself extremely responsible for the misfortune of others…She often takes it all very personally when someone she’s close to is hurt.”

Meanwhile, there is some evidence that suggests Meredith’s injuries will leave her physically impaired. In fact, there some video leaked last year that featured Meredith’s leg and arm in casts, while Bailey pushed her along in a wheelchair. While it can’t be said for certain, it appears as though the attack on Meredith may have some serious consequences.

Whether or not this means that Meredith is paralyzed following her attack is yet to be seen. Either way, Meredith will certainly be facing another tragic situation when Grey’s Anatomy returns to finish up its 12th season.

Fans can watch all the drama unfold and find out what happens to Meredith when Grey’s Anatomy returns with a new episode, titled “The Sound of Silence,” on February 11 on ABC. The episode was directed by Denzel Washington and written by Stacy McKee, who also had a hand on several different episodes in past seasons.

Tell us! Do you think that Meredith’s attack will finally help mend her relationship with Amelia on Grey’s Anatomy? Let us know in the comments below.

[Image via ABC]