Marketing Trends In 2016 Offer Simple Strategies To Help Businesses Grow While Adapting To New Technology

Regardless of the type of product or service a business offers, nothing is more important than marketing. Without a marketing plan, a business can’t grow because it can’t get its products and services in front of its customers. Adapting to the marketplace and marketing in a way that connects products and services to the right customers is key to growing revenues easily. Customers want their problems solved, and the right marketing allows a business to show how it can solve those problems. These marketing trends for 2016 help businesses connect their products and services to their markets more effectively.

According to Entrepreneur Magazine, one of the most important marketing trends for businesses to focus on is relationship marketing. When businesses build relationships with their customers, it makes it easier to convince customers to buy. Although these marketing trends apply to online, brick and mortar businesses also need to pay attention to any opportunities that further connect them with their customers, making relationship marketing crucial to their business.

Starbucks offers an example of a company that has been using relationship marketing for years. They frequently offer their customers afternoon discounts as well as free cups of coffee when customers bring in their receipts from that morning. Starbucks also offers seasonal coffees and desserts as well as treats based on customer feedback. Samples are often available too and allow customers to try out new items without buying anything first. It builds goodwill with customers and brings them back for more.

In a previous article published in The Inquisitr, the right marketing tools are an important part of building an effective marketing plan, and they are an important marketing trend for businesses to pay attention to. The reason is that the right tools can automate key tasks in the business like email and social media marketing. With buy buttons becoming an important part of the social media experience on sites like Facebook and Pinterest, business owners have simple ways to increase their revenues and automate their marketing while improving the buyer experience.

Mobile marketing is also an important marketing trend businesses need to watch. With five times as many cell phones as computers, mobile is here to stay. Businesses can improve their marketing opportunities by adapting to the mobile web as well as creating phone apps that keep customers connected to businesses.

Marketing Land recommended four marketing trends that never go out of style and are important for every business to use regardless of whether they are online or offline. Before building a marketing plan it is important to determine the marketing goals of the business. Without a clear cut goal it is impossible to measure the growth of the business because there are no benchmarks available.

Once a marketing goal is set, the correct marketing tactics will be obvious. Implement those tactics. Measuring, planning and execution make up the other four marketing trends that need to be used.

Measuring allows a business to determine whether or not the business’s marketing is effective. Planning allows the business to tweak its marketing plan further to achieve results with less effort as well as finding opportunities to automate repetitive marketing tasks and save both time and money. Without execution of the marketing tasks, the other steps are meaningless because there is nothing to test if there’s no marketing.

Regardless of whether a business is online or offline, it’s necessary to watch for the latest marketing trends and implement the appropriate tactics to create a more successful marketing plan. An effective marketing plan grows a business more easily and frees up time and money to build a business in other areas.

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