Kendall Jenner & Harry Styles To Debut Their Relationship On ‘KUWTK’?

Is Kendall Jenner’s rumored new boyfriend, Harry Styles, preparing for his debut on Keeping Up With The Kardashians? According to a new report, Kendall Jenner’s mother, Kris Jenner, is hoping to feature their reported romance on the show’s upcoming episodes.

Kris Jenner is hoping to have the 21-year-old One Direction singer appear on the show alongside Kendall Jenner and went “all-out to have him as involved as possible,” an insider told Radar Online on January 15.

“Harry knows there’s no way of stopping the cameras, that’s what comes with dating a Kardashian, but the question is how often he’ll allow them to follow him and 20-year-old [Kendall Jenner] around,” the source continued.

According to the report, Kris is planning to set up Kendall Jenner and her new boyfriend on double dates with her half-sister, Kim Kardashian and Kim’s husband, Kanye West. She is also hoping to have Styles introduced to the rest of the family.

However, when it comes to exposing his relationship, and his life, on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, the insider said, “Harry’s a little wary.”

That said, “What Kris wants she usually gets… If he’s dating [Kendall Jenner], it’s a question of when and not if he will be indoctrinated into this family.”

Kendall Jenner has been linked to Styles in the past, but it wasn’t until weeks ago that they were publicly seen in their alleged romance. During a trip abroad, Kendall Jenner and Styles were seen cuddling and flirting with one another on a yacht, which was also host to Ellen Degeneres and her wife, Portia De Rossi.

Although Kendall Jenner and Styles haven’t been seen together since their yacht outing, Kendall Jenner’s half-sister, Khloe Kardashian, seemingly confirmed their romance during an interview days ago.

“Why are they a good match? Well, they’re both super hot, super great, sweet people,” Khloé told E! News‘ Cat Sadler on January 10. “And if I’m on a yacht in St. Barts if I’m—how old is she, 20? He’s 20?—hey, I ain’t mad at you, Kenny. Do your thing, girl!”

In other news regarding the two twenty-somethings, In Touch Weekly recently reported news of a possible live-in situation between Kendall Jenner and Styles.

“They’ve decided to take things to the next level,” a source reveals. “Harry is going to move into Kendall’s LA condo. They’ll also be sharing his London flat when they’re in the U.K.”

“They have so much in common — especially since they were both thrown into the spotlight at such a young age. They’re perfect for each other.”

Throughout the 11th season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kendall Jenner has been seen frustrated, along with her older half-sisters, over the relationship of her younger sister, 18-year-old Kylie Jenner, and her boyfriend, rapper Tyga. According to the family, Kylie often opts out of spending time with them in lieu of time with Tyga.

Also during Season 11, Kendall Jenner and sister Kylie were seen arguing after Kendall Jenner attempted to borrow one of Kylie’s dresses ahead of the ESPYs, where Caitlyn Jenner was being honored. Kendall Jenner was even seen calling her sister the c-word to her pups after Kylie refused to allow her to wear her dress, despite Kendall Jenner not having time to go home and get something for herself to wear.

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[Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images for Fragrance Foundation]