Harry Styles Is Lonely, Craves Cuddles With Kendall And Chicken Soup

Aw, Harry! It seems that not even fame, dates with the world's hottest models, and a huge circle of friends can stop you from feeling the blues sometimes. A source close to director Ben Winston, a friend of Harry Styles', revealed yesterday what the curly-haired One Direction star is really like.

The insider, who is none other than Ben's father, dished on Harry's attitude to fame, his love of home comforts, and even the existential angst the sexy crooner sometimes experiences. Yes, it seems Harry Styles feels lonely at times.

The professor was speaking to students at the opening of a school science building. Lord Winston revealed that Harry Styles lives near him, and often pops in because he loves his wife's chicken stew.

Harry is super-fond of LA real estate; he has no fewer than three houses in Los Angeles, as well as one in London.

The learned professor revealed that Harry Styles impresses him most out of the One Direction boys -- a big compliment indeed, considering that it is coming from an accomplished scientist and thinker. The professor thinks Harry is the nicest member of One Direction, and is also particularly impressed with Harry's attitude to fame. According to the professor, Harry regards fame as "fake and transient," and focuses on cultivating his ties to his family and his attitude.
The gossipy prof revealed that Harry is funny, something Directioners already knew.

In other One Direction news, it seems Harry Styles may be taking steps to ease his loneliness, as well as filling up some of that empty space in his properties.

Hollywood Life is reporting that Harry is moving in with rumored girlfriend Kendall Jenner. The lovers, who first dated in 2013 and later stunned the world when they were spotted frolicking on a yacht over New Year's, as reported by Daily Mail, are allegedly taking their relationship to the next level very quickly. They had only just gotten back together, and Kendall's sister Khloe Kardashian only just spoke to the press saying she was not even sure if Harry and Kendall are boyfriend and girlfriend.

Khloe made the following statement just two days ago.

"I don't know if they're like boyfriend-girlfriend. Nowadays I don't know. People are weird with stuff. So, I don't know their title. But I mean, they were in St. Barts together hanging out, so to me that's dating."
Khloe added a clarification.
"I don't know if they've had the talk yet. Do people still have the talk? You need the talk … I don't believe in assuming what you are. That's ridiculous."
Perhaps Harry and Kendall had the talk soon after that interview because now it looks like things are getting very serious between the stunning supermodel and the long-haired crooner. Good thing Khloe also gave the relationship her seal of approval.
"Why are they a good match? Well they're both super hot, super great, sweet people."
It seems the good-looking pair will be doing a bit of property-sharing. Harry will also stay in Kendall's place when he is in town.
"They've decided to take things to the next level. Harry is going to move into Kendall's LA condo. They'll also be sharing his London flat when they're in the U.K."
If anyone can ease Harry's loneliness, it's Kendall. The hunk probably feels isolated because very few people can relate to his level of fame, the scrutiny he endures, and the stress of being in the spotlight from a young age.

Kendall will be able to relate to Harry on that level.

"They have so much in common — especially since they were both thrown into the spotlight at such a young age. They're perfect for each other."
It wouldn't be the first strong celebrity bond to be forged through the shared terror of child stardom. The strange and unlikely friendship of Elizabeth Taylor and Michael Jackson owed its longevity to the pair's deep understanding of one another and the toll that early stardom can take on one's psyche. Jackson's controversial friendship with Macauley Culkin also reportedly drew its strength from this, as reported by The Guardian.
"It won't be a coincidence that most of Michael Jackson's closest friends had been child stars, too. One of them, Elizabeth Taylor, said to Oprah Winfrey when asked about their friendship: 'Our childhoods are very similar, and we had that from the very beginning in common. I was a child star at nine, had an ­abusive father, and that kind of brought us ­together.'"
Will Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner find strength in one another's arms?

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