Rick Ross Gets A Little Too Personal with 50 Cent in Latest Interview

Hip-hop star Rick Ross and rap mogul/actor 50 Cent have not exactly been the best of friends ever since their back-and-forth barbs towards each other started in 2009.

In recent years, the two have continued to throw insulting remarks at each other, although most people think that their feud has cooled down a bit.

However, when 50 Cent, whose real name is Curtis James Jackson III, dissed Ross for the poor performance of his recent album, Black Market, the “Sanctified” rapper chose his words carefully and fought back in an interview.

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In the interview, which was published by Rolling Stone magazine on Wednesday, Rick Ross was asked about his reaction to the 50 Cent diss, and whether such insults still bother him or he just brushes them off.

Ross, whose real name is William Leonard Roberts II, answered that he finds his relationship with the 40-year-old rapper “amusing.” He dissed Jackson for taking him in as a friend despite the fact that he is an “L” (loser).

Regardless of that, Roberts said that he is still “enjoying life” because his kids love him, and that he is a “blessed” man.

In an eloquent answer dripping with sarcasm, Rick Ross tried to describe the kind of life 50 Cent has been living.

“When it comes to Curtis, it’s just unfortunate. I’m not happy that his boxing company went under. I’m not happy that his clothing company went under. I’m not happy his record label went under. I’m not happy that he went bankrupt. I’m not happy that he doesn’t have a relationship with his son,” Ross explained. “That’s not something to be happy about.”

In addition, Rick Ross said that he is “happy” that in spite of everything that 50 Cent has experienced and all the weight that he is carrying, he is still able to put on a brave face and soldier on.

“I admire him for being able to hold his head up in a city that has revoked all of his passes,” he said.

The epic insult simply means if Ross is a loser, then 50 Cent is an even bigger loser with all of his failed attempts in business, the music industry, and even his family.

Obviously, the “In Da Club” rapper was not pleased with the offhand and below-the-belt remarks of Ross, and in a social media post on Thursday, 50 Cent retaliated with a rather gruesome image.

In the Instagram post, a hyena is seen clutching the decapitated head of a deer using its mouth, and accompanied by the caption: “When it’s all said and done, I will have his head. I said I was gonna talk less and do more this year. Watch it play out.”

The feud between 50 Cent and Rick Ross began in 2009, when the latter accused the former of looking at him “the wrong way” during the BET Awards held that year. Curtis said he did not remember seeing Ross in the event.

A few months later, a new track entitled “Mafia Music” by Ross was leaked, which contained a few lines that insult 50 Cent. The “Window Shopper” rapper then released a video entitled “Warning Shot,” in which he says that he will ruin Ross’s life for fun.

The feud went on for years, and in 2012, the two met again at the BET Awards and almost had a scuffle, although it involved mainly the members of their respective entourages.

While the feud has become less intense, with both parties taking minor jabs at each other on social media, the latest insult from Rick Ross certainly revived their old rivalry. As for 50 Cent, it seems like he is ready to fan the flames as well.

[Images by Alberto E. Rodriguez and Noam Galai, Getty Images]