Publicly ‘Drunk And Nasty’ Once Again, ‘RHONY’ Ramona Gives A Lap Dance

Real Housewives of New York’s favorite barfly Ramona Singer was chastised by other diners when she gave an unnamed man a vulgar lap dance at a New York sushi restaurant. This is the second time in a month that other patrons in a New York hot spot have asked Singer to leave or called her out for being rude and disruptive in public.

According to the Inquisitr, Ramona Singer was asked to leave a party thrown by Dorinda Medley’s boyfriend, John, when she threatened a bartender and hit on every man in sight. When John asked her to tone it down, she yelled at him for “messing up her scene.” Now that Singer is single, she seems to think every gathering is meant for her to find a new man to hook up with. John called her “a bitter b***h” and kicked her out.

RadarOnline says that Singer was at Sushi Roxx in Midtown, Manhattan, giving a mystery man a lap dance in front of other diners, including children.

“She fervidly made out with the man and was all over him in front of startled diners, one of whom loudly said ‘Get a room!'” a witness told the publication of the evening, which occurred last week.

Ramona Singer was trying to get restaurant employees to join in with her dirty dancing too.

“Ramona was very pushy with the staff,” the insider claimed. “She kept asking the DJ to play the ‘hot music’ so she could do a sexy lap dance for her new man.”

Singer, who is nearly 60, is obviously going through something, or perhaps just crying out for help, but it seems she is embarrassing herself. Singer, who passed out drunk on the reunion show of RHONY, also admitted in her autobiography that she had been popping pills and had contemplated suicide after finding out that her ex-husband Mario was cheating on her with younger women.

The New York Daily News revealed that others at the sushi restaurant were yelling “get a room” at Singer and her friend. The buzz around town suggests that Singer is trying to compete with former husband Mario Singer, who has also been seen around town and participating in PDA with a much younger woman. When asked, Mario Singer commented that he has never been happier.

Mario introduced her as his girlfriend and said loudly to whoever would listen, “My life is better now, it just keeps getting better and better.”

Some are suggesting that Ramona Singer was just putting on a show, but friends suggest that the drunk, bawdy behavior is the real Ramona.

“There were no cameras anywhere,” said our source. “This was the real Ramona.”

Perez Hilton is suggesting that Ramona Singer is always “single and ready to mingle.” Although Bravo missed this latest performance of Ramona Singer’s drunk acting out, friends say that this is the norm, so it’s likely that viewers of RHONY will see many more cases of Singer being drunk, pushy, and forward on the next season of the show, giving Andy Cohen plenty to talk about at the next reunion, where the pinot grigio will certainly be flowing.

Do you think Ramona Singer has a drug or alcohol problem?

[Photo by Matthew Eisman/Getty Images]