WWE Rumors: Sister Abigail Debuting With The Wyatt Family Soon -- Fifth Member Coming

The Wyatt Family is one of the strongest forces in all of WWE right now, and they are looking like one of the best stables in wrestling history. As the Royal Rumble is quickly approaching, they are threatening to take everything. With four brutal and intimidating members, it is rumored that they could grow by one soon, and fans could finally see the debut of Sister Abigail.

Sister Abigail is the name of Bray Wyatt's finishing move, but it has long been rumored that there is a real-life representation of the name. Now, she could debut with the family before too long.

According to the Wrestling Observer newsletter, it looks as if WWE is finally going through with the plan of debuting Sister Abigail as a real person. The character has been talked about for a long time, but then talk would just fade out.

There was even a point about a year and a half ago where Bray Wyatt kept screaming and talking about "her" and saying "she's coming." Everyone thought that would mark the debut of Sister Abigail, but then nothing.

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In the past year, WWE.com even released a video online that showed Bray Wyatt telling the "Tale of Sister Abigail." It's a rather short story, but it's one that added to the rumors of the Wyatt's sister coming to WWE television soon.

It's now that talk has seemed to heat up more than it ever has before, and it could be with the great success that The Wyatt Family has had recently. Once they got past the whole storyline with The Undertaker and Kane, the Wyatts have been on a tear.

After The Wyatt Family reunited over the summer, it was rumored that a fourth member would soon be coming. In late August, the WWE debut of Braun Strowman took place and added a lot of size and strength to the already powerful faction.

Shortly before that, though, Erick Rowan suffered an injury, and there was speculation that he would be out. That wasn't meant to be, though, and he returned to join his family months later and make them four strong.

the wyatt family fifth member rumors sister abigail
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All four members of The Wyatt Family have already thrown their name into the Royal Rumble as indicated by the preview on WWE.com. Bray Wyatt has already threatened bad things will be happening and total domination by the family is coming.

With the WWE World Heavyweight Championship on the line in this year's rumble match, it is possible that they could take everything.

It is obvious that Bray Wyatt is the leader of the stable, with Strowman, Rowan, and Luke Harper all being his followers. Should the Wyatts somehow end up in the ring all at the same time for the Royal Rumble, they could be an extremely dangerous force.

All of them could work together and essentially protect Bray Wyatt and then allow him to win the WWE Title at the end.

While talking about taking everything, though, this could be where Sister Abigail makes her debut too. The current members of the family can win all the other titles, but they don't have someone to win the Divas Championship currently held by Charlotte.

WWE does have a number of great female talents in NXT who could make their main roster debut and immediately jump into a feud with the women's champion.

Sister Abigail has long been talked about by Bray Wyatt and referenced on WWE television, but she's never shown her face. The Wyatt Family does finally look to be getting a fifth member soon, and the tale of Sister Abigail will become a true reality.

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