‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Johnny Plays Dirty, Lulu Feels Guilty, And Anna Gets Some Additional Help

General Hospital spoilers for Thursday’s show detail that a powerful team is reunited, and shockers may be on the way. Viewers watched on Wednesday as Sabrina left Port Charles with Carlos, but that doesn’t mean Anna’s investigation is fully shut down. Where are things headed in the January 14 episode?

As GH fans saw on Wednesday’s show, Johnny managed to connect with Valerie again, still pretending he is a guy named Greg, and she offered him a ride. As She Knows Soaps teases, Valerie is about to help the wrong person, and this is definitely related to this ride. Viewers know that Johnny is setting Valerie up to take a very hard fall, but she has not picked up on the trouble ahead at all.

Just how far will Johnny go in this plan related to Valerie? He already has engineered photos that will make it look like Valerie is involved in dirty deals, but it seems he may plan to go even further. General Hospital spoiler previews tease that he tells Valerie he’s leaving town as soon as he finishes one more thing. Could Valerie’s life be in danger here as she drives Johnny toward the garage?

Maxie knows that Johnny is in town, and she was trying to tell Nathan about this. However, she kept getting interrupted. The last that GH fans saw, Nathan mentioned learning that Johnny was in town and Maxie seemed on the brink of revealing that she already knew. General Hospital spoilers indicate that Maxie fills Nathan in, at least to some extent, and Nathan quickly brings Dante into the mix.

Jordan and Anna were in Sabrina’s place looking for her, but Sabrina left town with Carlos. General Hospital spoilers detail that they will get a surprise while they are there, as someone comes to Sabrina’s place looking for her. Will this be Michael or someone else?

Anna has been utilizing Mac and Jordan to help in her Carlos investigation, and the team gains another asset on Thursday’s show. Robert is back, and he is ready to shake things up. While it is not known just how long Robert will be hanging around Port Charles this time, fans are happy to have him back in the mix of things.

As for Lulu, she will be having a difficult discussion with Olivia during this episode, and it seems she will be struggling with some feelings of guilt. She has had some hesitations about this plan to go after Valerie, and fans know she is still drawn to Dante despite all their relationship challenges. Now, however, Dante suspects she has been with someone else and finding out Johnny is in town will surely cause even more friction.

There is said to be a shocker for Julian and Alexis coming in Thursday’s episode, and Celeb Dirty Laundry teases that this may be related to Nina’s success with the first issue of Crimson. Julian had put Nina in this position expecting Crimson to fail, but Nina and Maxie have refused to let that happen. Will he relent and give them the opportunity to grow the magazine?

Fans may have been a bit surprised to see Sabrina agree to leave Port Charles with Carlos, and some wonder if this means she’s gone for good. From the sounds of things, Sabrina will be back, as actress Teresa Castillo is likely taking a bit of time off for maternity leave. She is due with her second baby soon, and it certainly seems as if there is more to come with Michael and Sabrina down the road. As for Carlos, most would imagine that there is still more to come on that front as well.

How far will Johnny go in his plan against Valerie, and how hard will he push to try to win over Lulu? Will Anna be able to figure out the truth about Paul’s shady dealings? There is plenty more drama on the way, and fans cannot wait to see what comes next on General Hospital.

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