Jeremiah Raber Of ‘Breaking Amish’ Is Engaged, Find Out Wedding Details Here

There may not be a new season of Breaking Amish on right now, but news is coming out about one of the stars of the show. Jeremiah Raber is now engaged to get married and it is not to a girl that is on the show either. Jeremiah shared news about the wedding plans and that he is getting married on his Periscope show today. He is very active on there and shares a lot about his personal life. Jeremiah revealed that he met his fiancée on Facebook and the two talked for about three months before meeting up and falling in love. It sounds like everything has been great for them throughout their relationship. They are now living in Vancouver, Washington, and planning their wedding.

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Fans were asking Jeremiah Raber questions about his life, and he did share that he isn’t Amish anymore and doesn’t ever have plans to go back again. Right now, Jeremiah is busy planning his wedding and shared that it will be in April. The wedding will be in Vancouver, Washington, and they already have a hair and makeup artist hired. It sounds like they have already started planning the details, but aren’t quite done yet. Jeremiah Raber also shared that they will not be asking for wedding gifts, but they do have a Paypal account set up if people want to send a gift that way.

About halfway through this video, Jeremiah Raber’s fiancée showed up. He shared that she is 34 years old and he is older than her. Jeremiah Raber’s fiancée kept flashing her ring by the way she was holding her hand. The two seemed very happy together. Everyone feels like she looks younger than she is, but they did reveal that she will already be a grandma at the age of 34.

Another thing that Jeremiah Raber talked about is Breaking Amish and that it will be coming back to TLC sometime between March and May. There is no word on if Raber’s fiancée could show up on the series, but remember that filming always happens way in advance. It will be very interesting to see how it all goes down on the upcoming season of the show.

Jeremiah Raber is very active on his Periscope account and is on there very often. If you want to keep up with Jeremiah, this is a great way to watch what he has to say and figure out how things are going with him. Jeremiah is talking about the show, his kids, and of course his upcoming wedding. Raber did share that his kids had a great Christmas and are doing well. Last season, Jeremiah Raber let everyone see his children on the show, so hopefully they will be back again in the future.

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Christian Post already shared that Return to Amish with the original cast will be coming back. Pictures show that Sabrina High will be back once again, and of course Jeremiah will be there, too. Rebecca Schumaker actually shared the news about the return, and everyone is happy to know that it is coming back. This showed that she will be back again as well. This is going to be an interesting season with Jeremiah Raber for sure.

“Just letting y’all know we are filming another season of Return To Amish so watch for it this spring/summer on TLC. And if you want to catch up on previous seasons go to TLC online to watch episodes you missed.”

Are you surprised to hear the news that Jeremiah Raber of Breaking Amish is getting married? Are you excited to hear that the show with Jeremiah Raber is coming back again for another season? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss the new season when it starts to air this spring on TLC.

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