‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Spoilers: How Will Meredith’s Attack Impact Amelia?

Grey’s Anatomy fans now have less than a month until the series returns to ABC, and there is a lot more now known about the mid-season premiere. Meredith will be attacked in the first episode back in February. She is shown battered and lying on the ground in the first preview for the return of ABC’s Thursday night line-up.

Members of the Grey’s Anatomy cast teased the mid-season return episode, which was directed by Denzel Washington back in November. Photos from the set during the filming of the episode showed Meredith in a cast and being wheeled around in a wheelchair. That condition is explained by the attack reveal.

Denzel Washington, dirigiu o episodio 12×09 de Grey’s Anatomy. pic.twitter.com/2BRdcr9AOG

— Greys Anatomy Brasil (@GreysABrasil) January 4, 2016

A lot has happened to Meredith in recent seasons. During Grey’s Anatomy Season 11, she dealt with the death of Derek Shepherd and found out she had another sister. At the end of Grey’s Anatomy Season 10, Cristina Yang moved overseas. Let’s not forget the plane crashed that killed Lexi Grey either. That moment changed Meredith too.

Are fans about to see another life changing moment for Meredith Grey? It does sound like that is the case.

Kelly McCreary teased to E! Online about Meredith’s attack. She said, “Meredith gets attacked and it’s as gruesome and terrifying as it looks.”

Caterina Scorsone also talked about the episode, and she said, “It’s more. More gruesome and terrifying. There were moments where we were like, ‘What?! Oh, God!’ It’s a lot.”

The attack on Meredith will have an impact on all of the staff at Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital. James Pickens Jr., the actor behind Richard Webber, revealed that the attack will show everyone just “how much of a family Seattle Grace really is.”

Amelia, played by Scorsone, will be impacted greatly by Meredith’s attack. She has already been having trouble since Penny’s arrival at the hospital and the situation with Owen. She fell off the sober wagon at a recent episode, and it sounds like things will only get worse for Amelia after Meredith is attacked.

Scorsone teased a bit about what will happen to Amelia and the Owen situation to TV Line.

“Amelia tends to blame herself, so she’s feeling terrible about what happened. Owen’s not capable of being there for her and she’s not capable of being there for him. It’s a mess.”

As for Owen, fans will learn more about the situation between him and Riggs during Episode 14. That means fans will have to wait a bit to find out what that whole story is. Kevin McKidd did tease that a death is likely involved, but there is more to the story too.

Fans have a lot of questions after the mid-season premiere, and they will have to wait for some of the answers. The Owen situation is only one big cliffhanger. Fans will have to wait to find out about Jackson and April too. However, the preview for the mid-season teased that fans will learn the result of Alex asking Jo to marry him. Will she say yes?

Grey’s Anatomy has managed to stay on top for Season 12. It won the People’s Choice Award for Best Network TV Drama, and it sounds like the focus for the next episode is entirely on Meredith.

How badly is she attacked? Will she be paralyzed?

Those are just some of the questions fans are asking since the attack on Meredith was revealed by ABC. What questions do you have for the return of Grey’s Anatomy? What storylines are you most looking forward to during Grey’s Anatomy Season 12?

Grey’s Anatomy will return to ABC on February 11.

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