‘American Horror Story’ Spoilers And Theories

American Horror Story wraps its fifth season tonight. Spoilers have leaked about tonight’s episode as well as Season 6.

Do not continue reading if you don’t wish to read spoilers.

There is much about Season 6 to talk about, but first we will have the finale of Season 5 tonight. Christian Post has leaked a few spoilers on the subject. They provide the following synposis of the final episode.

“In the season finale, a new era begins at the Cortez under Iris and Liz. Elsewhere: John and Alex struggle to adapt to life outside the hotel.”

This doesn’t tell us much about what’s going to happen tonight, but it does reveal who is living as the final episode of American Horror Story: Hotel begins. We know that Iris and Liz take over Hotel Cortez while John and Alex deal with the consequences of their actions. In the season finale trailer, which you can view below, Mr. March insists that the killings must stop, and Design and Trend suggests that maybe it does stop as a new era free of murderous ghosts and undead begins.


So, what will Season 6 hold? Well, neither the setting nor the plot have been officially revealed yet, but creator Ryan Murphy is dropping clues in the final episode, as he always does. The problem is that the hints he drops are often so subtle that we don’t see them until the theme of the new season is revealed. For example, in last year’s Freak Show, top hats were placed in inconspicuous spots, a reference to the Fred Astaire movie Top Hat, which was set in a hotel.

Suggestions as to American Horror Story‘s next setting have been offered by fans. Bustle reported on some of them including outer space. Murphy has clearly stated, however, that we won’t see this any time soon. He has also stated that he considered a storyline involving Charles Manson. The American Horror Story creator dropped the idea because he felt it was disrespectful to the victims’ families and because of legal issues. But could he do something with a fictional murder cult? One thing that makes this possibility especially attractive is that it could be a way that all the seasons tie together, a pattern fans have seen emerge from one season to the next. Another suggestion is a cabin-in-the-woods setting. Always good for horror and providing opportunities to explore myths both old and urban. Other suggestions include a prison setting, meta-horror in the wake of Wes Craven’s death, and a horror twist on the apocalypse.

American Horror Story

Entertainment Weekly provided an American Horror Story spoiler when they reported that Ryan Murphy disclosed to them that there may be two iterations of the series in 2016 — one in the spring and one in the fall. He told them,

“We’re doing something that we’ve never done before on the show where we’re doing two different groups of writers rooms. Some of our writers will be bouncing around but a whole different group coming in late August. The next thing we’re crafting up is very, very different than this. Not smaller. But just not opulent. More rogue and more dark.”

He also let an American Horror Story spoiler slip after the Golden Globes, according to E! News, when he let it slip that Angela Bassett will appear in Season 6.

American Horror Story

American Horror Story was the biggest cable show when it premiered in 2011. Each season since then, its viewership has grown. It has also been the most watched season on FX for each year it has been on the air. The finale of Season 5 airs tonight at 10 p.m. ET/9 p.m. CT on FX.

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