Jodie Sweetin Started Fight With Addiction At Candace Cameron-Bure’s Wedding

Jodie Sweetin recently spoke with People Magazine about her struggles with addiction, and the somewhat innocuous interview has since been picked up by Yahoo.

But in perhaps a major case of burying the lede, the two news sources fail to expand on a key detail that paints Christian activist Candace Cameron-Bure in a questionable light.

It isn’t the well-documented struggles that Jodie Sweetin had with crystal methamphetamine, but how she eventually found her way to an increasingly dangerous lifestyle that has people talking.

Quoting her 2009 book, UnSweetined, Yahoo notes this passage describing how then-14-year-old Jodie Sweetin encountered alcohol for the first time at the wedding of co-star Candace Cameron-Bure. Sweetin writes as follows.

“I probably had two bottles of wine, and I was only 14. That first drink gave me the self-confidence I had been searching for my whole life. But that set the pattern of the kind of drinking that I would do.”

This scenario is something that some commenters have seized on, not because Bure was a Christian with alcohol at her wedding — after all, the New Testament depicts Jesus’ first miracle as turning water into wine — but because she was a Christian hosting a wedding where alcohol was served in abundance to someone who was clearly known to be under the legal drinking age.

The initial commenter to bring it up on the Yahoo piece was not being critical of Bure, but was speculating that it must “kill her” to know that the problems of Jodie Sweetin began at Candace’s wedding.

That’s when the critics chimed in.

“Candice [sic] is such a goody two shoes and holier than thou hypocrite,” the commenter charged. “Her and her disgusting brother, Kirk, make me sick.”

While many came to Bure’s aid, it is a detail that will likely need to be addressed as the original cast gets ready for the 2016 Netflix revival of their classic TV sitcom, Full House(now called Fuller House).

Of course, a great deal of the responsibility is on Sweetin’s parents or guardians for allowing her to be at such a shindig that would allow a minor free access to alcohol, but as drinking laws throughout the U.S. indicate, the place providing the alcohol has some responsibility in product getting into the hands of those for whom it is illegal.

It’s why gas stations, liquor stores, and restaurants ask for identification when people attempt to make a purchase.

Did Candace Cameron-Bure’s wedding have the appropriate safeguards in place to ensure that a 14-year-old Jodie Sweetin wouldn’t end up drinking “two bottles of wine”?

It’s a fair question, and one that Bure will likely take up in the next few days as more of this story circulates in the press.

Sweetin does seem to have rebounded from those crazier times, now on her fifth year of sobriety, she says in comments to People, and she credits “being a mom” with her eventual triumph over addiction.

As for the new sitcom, Jodie Sweetin, et al., will be reprising their roles as the Tanner family, with Bure taking lead and being anchored by Sweetin and Andrea Barber (“annoying” next door neighbor Kimmy Gibler).

The entire series will premiere on February 26, so get ready to binge-watch, Full House fans. In the meantime, here’s a sneak peek.

As to the core question above, do you think that the battle with addiction that Jodie Sweetin has endured over the years is “on” Candace Cameron-Bure in any way, and should she address her role in Sweetin’s introduction to alcohol? Sound off in the comments section above.

[Image via Fuller House and Netflix]