Beyoncé Pregnant Again? New Photo Reveals Baby Bump! [Video]

Is Beyoncé pregnant again? The entrepreneurial songstress showed something of a baby bump as she celebrated Blue Ivy’s birthday in a casual sweatshirt, which seemed to reveal a present of its own!

Beyoncé, who has not posted a new photo to her Instagram account in months, was caught on film January 10 wearing a baggy grey sweatshirt that did not look so baggy in one special area. In the photo, Beyoncé looks lovely and wears her tresses long while carrying her cell phone.

Last summer, rumors flew that Beyoncé was pregnant again with baby No. 2. The fashionable “Single Ladies” singer was spotted around New York City in long coats and hiding her belly as she carried laptops that were hopefully full of new music.

Beyoncé was also spotted last week at the Son-Of-A-Gun restaurant in Los Angeles, California, leaving by the back door. Eyewitnesses noticed Beyoncé wore a large, oversize coat and tightly covered her belly.

Of course, nothing is confirmed. Last September, Beyoncé was also spotted enjoying a family vacation in the south of France and in Barcelona, Spain. The celebrity was rumored pregnant at the time. However, a photo that revealed Beyoncé holding a glass of champagne quickly squashed any reports that Blue Ivy would be a big sister. Beyoncé is also known for messing a bit with the media, so the glass of champagne might have been yet another ruse for the singer to maintain privacy during a special time.

Beyoncé was seen recently in New Orleans, where she has a house, and where her sister, Solange, lives. Beyoncé wowed fans by having the roads and the street traffic cameras surrounding the Mercedes-Benz stadium shut off. According to an eye witness, Beyonce was joined by Jay-Z, her bodyguard, dancers, and a camera crew as they filmed a video.

Although it was not clear what the video was about, fans are eagerly awaiting news of a new single! However, if Beyoncé were pregnant, she likely would not be bouncing around for any video.

It’s well known that Beyoncé had difficulty conceiving Blue Ivy, and that husband Jay Z is dying for a large family. Beyoncé herself reportedly is ready for another little boy or girl, and even tapped into Kim Kardashian over the summer for advice on conceiving. Although Beyonce and Kardashian are good friends who like to attend fashion shows together, Bey was reportedly jealous that Kim, who also had difficulty conceiving, could have another baby so soon.

In fact, Beyoncé had such a hard time conceiving that she might want to keep her happy news private for now, or is waiting for the right time for an epic baby reveal!

Beyoncé is rumored to perform at Super Bowl 50 alongside Coldplay. Although Coldplay was chosen for the coveted half time spot, Beyoncé contributed to their new album, A Headfull Of Dreams, on two singles, “Hymn For The Weekend” and “Up & Up.” Rihanna is reportedly talking to the Brit band about appearing in the half time show, as well.

Since Beyoncé has a large sponsorship deal with Pepsi, a major Super Bowl sponsor, it would make sense for her to make an appearance at the show. Fans are hoping that Queen Bey announces a new album during the Super Bowl, which would only be topped by news that she’s pregnant!

Back in 2011, Beyoncé took to the stage at the MTV music awards to announce she was pregnant with Blue Ivy. At the performance, Beyonce was overjoyed to share her happy news, revealing her pregnancy by unbuttoning her sparkly purple jacket to show off her belly.

At the 2015 MTV music awards, fans hoped for a similar baby reveal, but Beyoncé did not make any announcements she is pregnant again. But these new photos look pretty convincing, so maybe we will get the news at Super Bowl 50?

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[Photo by Isaac Brekken/Getty Images]