Lynn Armstrong Reister, Roger Reister: Investigation Discovery's 'Shadow Of Doubt' Presents Case Of Pregnant Army Captain Found Dead In Her El Paso Home

Traciy Reyes

Lynn Reister, the former Army captain and mother who was murdered in her El Paso, Texas, home 15 years ago, will be the latest case to be presented on the riveting Investigation Discovery show Shadow of Doubt.

The Inquisitr told you that Shadow of Doubt debuted a couple of weeks ago on Investigation Discovery. The last show, based on the horrific case of the Egyptian father who gunned down his own daughters in a taxi, really pulled at the heartstrings of #idaddicts. No doubt, tonight's episode, entitled "The Affairs of Soldiers," will do the same.

Viewers will hear the story of Captain Lynn Ann Armstrong Reister, a 30-year-old pregnant wife who was found dead in 2001. Her husband, Sergeant Roger Reister, 27, and her brother-in-law, Rodney Reister, 25, were arrested and charged with her death. They were both able to escape the death penalty but were sentenced to life in prison.


Shadow Of Doubt will retell the story of how Lynn Reister was found dead in the master bedroom of her home by Roger Reister, who claimed that he found his wife after returning home from work. When officers arrived, they located the body of the pregnant mother lying in a pool of blood with deep wounds around her neck and throat area. The autopsy report ruled the death a homicide. Police needed to pinpoint who had killed her. A hand print found on the victim's arm matched the hand of her husband's brother, Rodney Reister.


Lynn Ann Armstrong and Roger Reister began dating while stationed in Germany in the mid-1990s, later marrying and having a child. They relocated to El Paso, Texas, around 1997 or 1998. However, the marriage began having difficulties after Lynn Reister was stationed out of the country. When she'd return, the couple often argued, causing them to separate briefly. After talking it out and planning to move forward, Lynn became pregnant again. But, what should have been a joyous time for the female soldier, turned to a contentious marriage that would ultimately lead to her demise.

Investigation Discovery's Shadow of Doubt will show that Lynn Reister suspected that there were things going on in her home that she didn't' approve of while she was stationed out of the country. According to court documents found at Justia, an acquaintance of Sgt. Roger Reister indicated that while Lynn was in Saudi Arabia serving her country, Roger was serving up good sex to the women he'd met in town. The Reister home became a place where everyone from the bar could come to party or spend the night if they needed a place to stay.

This frustrated Lynn Reister immensely, and it frustrated her even more when she would call home and Roger wouldn't answer the phone. It was worse than she thought. Her husband had actually taken on a new 20-year old lover named April. The two engaged in a hot sexual affair that continued even after Lynn returned home. While Lynn Reister was working, Roger would bring his mistress directly to their marital home, according to court records. During the extramarital affair, April became pregnant with Roger's child, which presented a big problem for Roger Reister since he acted as though he wanted to work it out with his wife. He also didn't want a huge scandal at Fort Bliss, knowing that if word of the affair and pregnancy got back to Army officials, he could lose his career and perhaps face legal action. In the end, Reister pushed April to the side and denied that the baby was his.

When it came to killing Lynn Reister, Roger didn't hold back. He told several people that he wanted her dead and spoke of how the "perfect murder" could be committed. The motive was to cash in on a large insurance policy, where he would gain $250,000 in the event of her death. He promised to pay some of the money to his brother, Rodney, for killing her.


To see how the story ended, tune into Investigation Discovery's Shadow of Doubt tonight at 10 p.m., where the entire case will be dramatized for you. There are some beautiful photos of Captain Lynn Armstrong Reister that can be found at FindAGrave.

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