‘One-Punch Man’ Season 2: Fans Want Saitama Vs Vegeta, Avengers [Photo]

One-Punch Man anime creator Yusuke Murata promised fans that he would try his hardest to bring them Season 2 as soon as possible. Although a second season has yet to be confirmed, given the success of both the manga and anime, it will be surprising if they eventually decided to cancel it.

What is causing the delay of One-Punch Man Season 2? Multiple reports suggest that since the anime relies heavily on the manga, it may take a while before the show comes back. Given that the Garou arc is far from being finished, there may not be enough content to have a second season.

One-Punch Man fans over at Reddit, however, claimed that there is already enough material to produce the second season. They pointed out that it is more than possible to stretch the plot to speed up the release of the anime.

Some Redditors, however, including user gameofthronessux, reminded One-Punch Man fans that Murata and ONE only draws the manga as a hobby. The user added that Murata is very detailed when it comes to his work, which meant that it took longer for him to release new content.

“You have to keep in mind that Murata redraws with amazing detail and style; it takes a while to do just one page – so it’s still likely to take a bit of time. Another thing to keep in mind is that both Murata and ONE work on OPM mainly as a hobby,” gameofthronessux explained.

Other Redditors, however, wondered if Murata was feeling pressured to create even better content given how popular One-Punch Man is in both Japan and the U.S. Some may argue that Murata could draw everything from scratch, without referencing ONE’s webcomic, but that just would not be the same, especially for those following the series religiously.

While the release date of One-Punch Man Season 2 has yet to be confirmed, many speculated that fans may have to wait for as long as three years to see the anime.

It also did not help that ONE is reportedly not being forced by any company to release chapters. As he only treats drawing One-Punch Man as a hobby, the updates are not as regular as fans hoped they would be.

Although disheartened with the news of a long wait, fans commended Murata for always producing quality work. They held that they did not mind the delay in One-Punch Man Season 2 if it would come out as good, or even better, than Season 1.

“I honestly don’t want him [Murata] to force it. I would rather him continue at his regular pace so that its drawn beautifully. ONE on the other hand needs to step his s**t up and stop working on so many series at once. It honestly feels like he updates those more than he does One Punch Man,” user maradoification wrote.

Other One-Punch Man fans even offered to do a Kickstarter campaign for Murata if the budget is a problem.

According to Anime News Network, contrary to popular belief, the team behind One-Punch Man is only working on a limited budget. Given how the detailed and impressive the animation is, many thought that they were given a big production budget.

On Twitter, chief animation Chikashi Kubota explained that they were actually working with just average figures. He added that everyone put such an effort in every frame of the One-Punch Man anime, which made it special.

In other news, the Bit Bag recently shared fan-made illustrations of Saitama fighting other popular characters such as the Avengers, the Justice League, and Saiyan Prince Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z.

One Punch Man vs Marvel vs DC by Lee Woo-chul https://t.co/FC8FaDQGDv pic.twitter.com/p04Lm53816

— AGB (@AllGamesBeta) January 11, 2016

Although these crossovers are highly unlikely, it is still interesting to see how heroes from these popular franchises will match up against One-Punch Man‘s Saitama.

Stay tuned for more One-Punch Man Season 2 news and updates. For the meantime, check out the “10 Things You Didn’t Know About One-Punch Man” video from Anime Balls below.

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