Mermaid Pillows Madness: Reversible Sequin 'Mermaid' Pillows Get 28 Million Views In 48 Hours On Facebook [Video]

Who would've thought that reversible sequined "mermaid" pillows would gain so much attention? Well, that's exactly what happened when Steve Noviello shared a video of the so-called "mermaid" pillows that totally change colors of the sequins that are displayed when one rubs their hands across the pillows. Noviello works for Fox 4 News, and the Emmy Award-winning journalist has a seriously viral hit on his hands with the mermaid pillows.

As seen in the video posted to Steve's Facebook page on January 10, the reversible sequined mermaid pillows have caused an outbreak of attention.

"Came across these changing "mermaid" pillows at Nebraska Furniture Mart. Amazing or horrifying? Nebraska Furniture Mart doesn't sell these on line- here's a link to a vendor."
That vendor has a sexy video of the mermaid pillow, set to Ed Sheeran's "Thinking Out Loud" anthem, showing how sexily the pillows can be manipulated.
Another post shows Steve playing around with the reversible mermaid sequin pillows, and creating designs on the pillows for so long that he proclaims on Facebook he needs to leave the store. Steve's apparently not alone in his obsession, because Noviello's video has gotten more than 28 million views on Facebook in the 48 hours or so since Steve uploaded the video on January 10.
"We need to leave."
On Twitter, the mermaid pillows are a hit as well, with the #mermaidpillow hashtag showing people going crazy over the sequined pillows that you can draw on with your fingers or hands. In photos on social media, very artful creations have been made with the mermaid pillows, including hearts drawn on the mermaid pillows with the opposing sequin colors making for a striking difference.

Although the mermaid pillows don't appear as if they'd be comfortable to sleep on -- after all, anyone who has worn a sequined dress can attest to that fact -- but are cute and decorative. So instead of thinking of any comfort level the mermaid pillows can provide, think of the beauty and creativity and obvious conversation piece they'd become. If the reaction of social media is any indication of how popular these reversible mermaid pillows will become, expect to see mermaid pillows out the wazoo over the next few years.

With more than 200,000 likes and more than 445,000 shares on Facebook, Steve's video shows how captivated he was with the mermaid pillows. The original mermaid pillow video was posted on January 10 at 1:44 p.m., according to Facebook. The follow-up video of the mermaid pillows with the "M" drawn on the pillow was posted at 2:05 p.m., and the interim image of the gold and white mermaid pillow was posted in between the two videos.

"We've come across gold and white. My Italianness is coming out."
Steve also posted more information about the mermaid pillow designer, Aviva Standoff Design, whose site shows the fabulous mermaid pillows going for as much as $400 each. Other colors of the mermaid pillows include an aqua/silver combination, as well as a two-tone mermaid sequin pillow in a beetle color that's green and black.

A black and silver mermaid pillow has the "Hi!!" messages scribbled on the pillow. Another two-tone mermaid sequin pillow in citrine looks gold and silver.

On Tuesday, Steve described getting so many questions about the mermaid pillows that Facebook tagged him as spam. But those millions of views prove the public fascination with mermaid pillows.

I've left so many replies and comments to answer your ‪#‎MermaidPillow‬ questions that my account is getting tagged as spam for high traffic. Lol. Feel free to message me directly or send me an email at if I can be of help to you. ‪#‎26MillionClub‬
[Image via Facebook/Steve Noviello]