Seth Meyers to Fill in Regis Philbin’s Chair?

It looks like the race for Regis Philbin’s successor on Live! with Kelly Ripa is coming to a close, and according to sources it’s SNL’s very own Seth Meyers who’s leading ahead of the pack. Ever since Regis Philbin retired in November from his gig that’s lasted decades, there’s been question as to how Live! with Regis and Kelly will go on.

Since then a few co-hosts have been tested out such as Michael Strahan, Josh Groban and even Kim Kardashian, but it seems as though they’ve narrowed it down to three potential cohosts — Josh Groban, Michael Strahan, and Seth Meyers.

Sources close to the production of Live! claim that Meyers has got the straight and narrow charm that could balance Kelly’s fun and bubbly personality out for good. Meyers is getting a bit of a test run just in time for sweeps starting on Monday. It’s said that Meyers will get the full duration of sweeps week to see if he has what it takes to be Philbin’s successor.

If he gets the gig, he may need to step down from being SNL’s head writer, but it is said that he will continue to be apart of Weekend Update, which has been a job that has former SNL anchor’s made work while juggling on different pursuits at the same time.

In April Philbin’s other possible replacement, singer Josh Groban talked about his enthusiasm, “When they asked me to do it, I was kind of skeptical myself on how it would go. [Kelly] makes it so easy, and we’ve just had a really wonderful friendship and a great chemistry, so it’s been a lot of fun to wake up early for.”

Who’s your favorite to replace Regis? Do you think Seth Meyers will bring the show a much-needed face lift?