Ariana Madix Responds To Scheana Marie and Katie Maloney Turning Their Backs On Her Regarding Kristen Doute

Ariana Madix didn’t like hearing what other people said about her on the latest episode of Vanderpump Rules. After the episode aired on Monday night, Ariana posted a tweet in which she criticized those who are trying to make her look bad.

Ariana tweeted that it’s “so cute” watching people try to make her look bad. Ariana made clear that she’s not letting what those people say bother her by stating that she’s “just straight up chillin'” and ending her tweet with the hashtag”#bye.”

Who was Ariana referring to? Most likely Scheana Marie and Katie Maloney. The latest episode showed Scheana and Katie telling Ariana that she was wrong for not wanting Kristen to join the group’s upcoming trip to Hawaii in celebration of Jax Taylor and Tom Sandoval’s birthday. By this point, both Scheana and Katie were friends with Kristen again. Ariana, who was the frequent recipient of Kristen’s hateful words and actions last season due to her dating Kristen’s ex-boyfriend, Tom S., already made clear that she still wants nothing to do with Kristen.

Despite Ariana making it clear that she doesn’t want to be around Kristen and that if Scehana and Katie were her true friends, they wouldn’t either, Scheana and Katie told Ariana that she was being unreasonable. Scheana outright told Ariana that she has been negative, angry and b**chy.

“We both feel like you’ve just been so extremely negative lately and angry all the time and b**chy and intimidating.”

Katie added that they won’t be stopping their friendship with Kristen. Katie then likened Ariana’s behavior to that of Stassi Schroeder, who previously tried to force Katie into choosing between her and Scheana.

“Kristen isn’t going anywhere in our lives and I don’t want you and Tom to go anywhere. I’m not saying either one of you is like Stassi or anything like that but it just feels like such a similar situation, where I feel like I’m being backed into a f****n’ corner.”

Katie also criticized Ariana for questioning her integrity and character because she chose to forgive Kristen.

“I don’t like hearing about someone questioning my integrity or character because I’m willing to forgive. I question people’s integrity and character when they’re NOT willing to forgive.”

Scheana then chimed in that Ariana’s mom actually reached out to her to ask if her daughter’s okay and whether she’s happy with Tom S. Scheana said that Ariana’s mom wondered if Tom S. was being a bad boyfriend. Scheana added that this means that Ariana’s own family has seen a change in her personality. Ariana was visibly disturbed by this claim involving her family. In her interview, Ariana implied that Scheana was lying.

“Are you f*****g kidding me? That’s not something my mom would prompt.”

In her interview, Ariana Madix also pointed out that Scheana Marie and Katie Maloney used to hate Kristen Doute. Ariana even called Scheana and Katie “a**holes” for betraying her.

“All of you have hated Kristen at one time or another. There’s a reason why I was never friends with her and it’s my integrity and my character…I can’t believe I’m about to get on a plane with these a**holes who look a lot like people who used to be my best friends.”

Scheana, meanwhile, said in her interview that while Ariana thinks that she’s this cool, laid back person who doesn’t hold on to grudges, it’s actually Kristen who is like that and Ariana who holds on to grudges.

In response to one viewer who pointed out that Ariana did put up with Kristen‘s presence at Scheana’s wedding to Mike Shay, Ariana jokingly replied that it was a year ago so no one must remember it.

Tom Sandoval also weighed in on the matter. He retweeted a viewer’s tweet that it’s absolutely normal to not want an ex or an boyfriend’s ex to go on vacation with you.

Scheana, who appeared on Andy Cohen’s live talk show Watch What Happens Live with Kristen after Vanderpump Rules aired, replied to people’s criticism of her behavior towards Ariana by tweeting that she’s friends with who she wants to be friends with.

Scheana Marie then tweeted that nothing she does will ever satisfy everyone.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, after last week’s episode of Vanderpump Rules, Kristen Doute defended Katie Maloney, whom Ariana Madix and Tom Sandoval lashed out at after she, during a casual gathering at one of their apartments, said that Kristen should be invited to the Hawaii trip. Kristen called Ariana and Tom’s reaction to Katie mentioning her name “insane.”

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