Rockstar Games Explains Why 'GTA V' Fans Can't Keep Their Online Holiday DLC Items

David Stonecipher

Grand Theft Auto V players were recently showered with an assortment of online gifts to help celebrate the holiday season. Now that the in-game winter events have ended, however, GTA Online users will now find that all of the Christmas-themed items have completely been removed from their inventory and the game altogether.

After having access to plenty of special seasonal items for the past several weeks, players might b e surprised to find the holiday clothing and weapons now missing from Grand Theft Auto V. Rather than having to deal with each individual inquiry about the removal of GTA Online's winter gear, Rockstar Games is directing all users to an official response to the matter on the their own support website.

"The Festive Surprise clothing items were free, temporary items, which remained in players' inventories until the end of the holiday content period on January 5, 2016. When the content was disabled, saved outfits that included Festive Surprise clothing were removed as well. You can recreate and save these outfits without the Festive Surprise items."

Another popular feature that is tied exclusively to the limited holiday celebration in Grand Theft Auto V brings an extremely rare snowfall event to the title's online mode. As The Inquisitr reported last month, GTA Online's city of Los Santos was temporarily covered in snow for a brief period.

Whenever snow is on the ground in GTA V, players will experience weather-specific conditions that simulate slick road driving physics. Additionally, gamers were given the opportunity to take part in multiplayer snowball fights at any time. As with the game's other holiday features, snow is usually only available as part of GTA Online's seasonal events so fans will likely have to wait another year before the winter weather returns to Grand Theft Auto Online.

Do you agree with Rockstar's decision to make GTA V's holiday items available for a limited time or would you prefer to be allowed to enjoy the content year round.

[Image via Rockstar Games]