'Dance Moms' Spoilers: 'Abby Vs. Melissa' Brings Tension, Conflict, And Buzz As Miller's Fraud Case Makes Headlines

There is a big episode of Dance Moms airing Tuesday night on Lifetime, and fans will not want to miss this one. Abby Lee Miller's latest legal drama will be incorporated into this new season and viewers are curious to see how it all plays out in front of cameras. What Dance Moms spoilers are available for the January 12 show?

As many Dance Moms fans know, Abby Lee Miller was recently indicted on 20 counts of fraud related to a previous bankrtupcy filing. She has entered a plea of not guilty, and her legal team has been working to push out the next hearing. If convicted, Miller could face jail time and serious fines.

According to TV Guide, the Season 6, Episode 2 show airing Tuesday night will revolve heavily around the news of this fraud case. This one is titled "Abby vs. Melissa" and it is slated to be a juicy one. The moms learn of Abby's indictment and they will be buzzing about the news.

Dance Moms spoiler previews show Abby coming in to talk to the moms, but it seems that Miller won't mention anything about the indictment initially. The moms will be doing a lot of talking about these headlines involving Abby, and Miller not mentioning them right away seemingly gives the moms all the more reason to buzz amongst themselves. Just when will Abby bring this up with them?

Tuesday's episode also brings tension on the show when the moms learn that Abby is creating a new team of dancers. Season 6 will have a mini team in addition to the regular team, and it seems that the moms of the older girls will be frustrated to learn of this new group. They have often voiced concerns that Abby is too busy for their girls as it is, and adding another team will take up all that much more of Abby's time.


As for the episode title, Dance Moms previews have teased a bit of this already. Though Maddie Ziegler has always been a favorite of Abby's, her sister Mackenzie is a long-time Abby Lee Dance Company team member as well. It seems that Abby's stress leads her to blow up at Mackenzie, and this pushes Melissa to the brink.

Melissa is seen in previews yelling at Abby, and Dance Moms spoilers share that she will intervene to stick up for Mackenzie in this battle. She will be ready to make some threats, noting that Abby does not want to push her as she knows way too much that Miller doesn't want to have shared.

Ultimately, it would seem that Melissa and Abby patch things up, as Miller is still heavily involved in the blossoming careers of both the Ziegler girls. As for an ALDC competition, Dance Moms spoilers do note that the girls competed in the New York Dance Experience competition while filming this episode.

It isn't clear how much from this competition will be incorporated into this episode, but there are plenty of Dance Moms spoilers available regarding the results. The "DanceMoms.Updates" Instagram account teases that the group dance called "Hungry Like the Wolves" including Mackenzie, Nia, Kendall, Kalani, JoJo, and Brynn took first place in the senior grouping and second place overall.

As for solos, Kendall, Mackenzie, and Nia all reportedly did solos in this competition, but none of them took first place rankings in their groups. Nia is said to have placed second in the teen category, Kendall was third in the juniors, and Mackenzie took fourth in the juniors. Maddie again was not in this competition due to her movie role in The Book of Henry.

It is too soon to know where things are headed with Abby Lee Miller's court case, but it is sure to stir up a lot of drama throughout Season 6 of the fan favorite Lifetime show. Tune in to Dance Moms airing on January 12 to see just how the moms and girls handle the news of Miller's fraud indictments.

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