Steven Avery Files Appeal, Says Key Juror Had It Out For Him

Steven Avery of Making A Murderer still insists that he is not guilty and now news is out that he has filed an appeal saying that one of the key jurors had it out for him. TMZ shared that Avery wants his conviction for the 2005 killing of Teresa Halbach thrown out and to be released from jail. Avery is saying that one juror repeatedly said he was "f*****g guilty." He also told the other jurors "If you can't handle it why don't you tell them [the judge] and just leave." Avery thinks that this is enough to get his case thrown out and get him out of jail again.

Steven Avery is also saying that the search that found a lot of evidence was illegal because it exceeded the limits set by the search warrant itself. This was when they found his blood and also the key to Teresa's vehicle, that some people believe was planted at his home. Avery is also saying that another problem was with Teresa's car and that the police didn't seal it up properly, which made it where they could open and shut the doors as they wanted. Avery feels like this would have made it easy for someone to plant his blood at the scene.

Right now, Steven Avery is hoping for a mistrial. He actually filed these documents himself instead of having a lawyer do it for him. Bustle actually shared that Scott Walker doesn't have any plans to pardon Steven Avery if it is up to him. He is the Governor of Wisconsin and went to Facebook to make his thoughts on this case loud and clear. He posted saying "Viewers of the Netflix series on Steven Avery should read the unanimous opinion of the Court of Appeals before jumping to conclusions." Along with that, Walker posted a link to court of appeals paperwork.
Since Scott Walker started in 2010, he has never issued a pardon. It doesn't look like Steven Avery will end up being the first one. He doesn't seem to think that Avery is innocent and it honestly doesn't look like it will be easy to change his mind about Avery either.

The Independent shared that users of the website Reddit say that they have found new evidence that shows that Steven is innocent as well. The random evidence they are finding isn't enough to help Avery out though. What they need to find is proof that Steven Avery's blood was planted and that he didn't really leave it at the scene of the crime. There are a lot of people that think the police did this, but there is no proof to it at this time.

Steven Avery still insists that he didn't kill Teresa and The Beast shared that Steven is actually throwing a few other people under the bus and saying that he thinks that they may have been the one who killed Teresa Halbach. One person he thinks may have done it was his older brother Charles Avery. He also mentioned Bobby Dassey, the brother of Brandon Dassey. His younger brother Earl Avery is also someone he thinks could have done it. Steven Avery is throwing all three of these family members out as possible suspects. Avery just wants everyone to know that he is not the one who did it.

Do you feel like Steven Avery of Making A Murderer is actually not guilty of the crime of murder? Do you feel like he should be released from jail? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts about the Steven Avery case.

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