George Bush Gets Suspended Sentence For Sale Of Monkey Skulls, Animal Porn Possession

A man by the name of George Bush has avoided a jail sentence for selling monkey skulls and other body parts of endangered species on eBay and for the possession of animal pornography images. Readers, please note that there is no W. or H.W. in this George Bush’s name.

George Bush, 63, hails from Erith in South East London and was sentenced in court on Monday, January 11 after admitting guilt in the sale of several primate and other body parts, including four monkey skulls of the Trachypithecus species, online via eBay.

He was further convicted of offering to sell other body parts from 134 endangered species of monkeys and other animals. On top of this, Bush reportedly possessed a number of images involving bestiality, or animal pornography.

Among the endangered animal body parts on sale were the skeleton of an infant crab-eating macaque as well as the skulls of several male leopards (Prionailurus bengalensis). Of the monkey parts for sale on eBay, these included animals of the Trachypithecus, Chlorocebus aethiops, Macaca Fascicularis, and Macaque species.

Reportedly, the body parts had been imported by George Bush from Indonesia. Bush also had in his possession a total of 71 extreme bestial pornographic images.

It was thought that Bush would be heading to jail when he faced the Woolwich Crown Court. However, after admitting to the charges, he received a 14-month jail sentence, suspended for two years.

As reported by the Telegraph, George Bush was originally arrested back on January 24, 2014, after police received a tip-off from the U.K. Border Force. Officers from the Metropolitan Police Service’s Wildlife Crime Unit and Bexley Borough arrested him on suspicion of selling body parts of illegally imported endangered species on eBay as well as the possession of the animal pornography.

Speaking of the fact that George Bush had been caught for his crimes, Detective Constable Sarah Bailey said, “This case shows that strong controls are in place to protect endangered species and the police will take action against anyone found to be trading illegally.”

George Bush
[Image of monkey hands via Metropolitan Police]

Bailey went on to stress that this type of illegal trade threatens the survival of many highly endangered species, and she urged anyone who sees such specimens of protected wildlife on sale to immediately contact their local police.

Bailey added that the Wildlife Crime Unit is committed to ensuring that anyone in London seen trading in endangered animal parts illegally is stopped in their tracks.

Speaking of the 134 different primates and other endangered species involved in the current crime, Grant Miller of the Border Force Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora said, “As the variety of species involved in this case shows, the illegal movement of endangered wildlife is part of an illicit and often cruel trade that Border Force, together with our partners in the U.K. and internationally, is determined to stop.”

“Those illegally trading in wildlife products should be in no doubt – we will target you at the UK border and beyond.”

Regarding the current case against George Bush, according to Kent Online, a confiscation hearing has been scheduled for April 2016.

The original illegal supplier of the body parts of endangered species in Indonesia has reportedly been identified by the Wildlife Crime Unit, and that person is being dealt with by the East Java police in that country.

[Photo via Metropolitan Police]

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