January 12, 2016
Kim Richards Sends Sis Kyle Richards A Touching Birthday Message

The recent episodes of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills have shown Kyle Richards in a lot of turmoil over her fractured relationship with her sister Kim Richards. Yet despite what is airing on the show, Kim still has a lot of love for Kyle, as evidenced by a touching photo and message that Kim posted in celebration of Kyle's birthday.

On Monday, Kim posted a photo of herself, as a young girl, looking over Kyle when she was a baby. Kim smiles at the camera while Kyle sleeps. Kim wrote that she has loved Kyle since the day she came home from the hospital and that she hopes 2016 will be Kyle's best year ever. Kim ended her message by telling Kyle that she loves her.

Kyle thanked Kim and said that she loves her too.
On the Season 5 reunion show, Kim and Kyle yelled and hurled accusations at one another. So far on the current season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Kim has not made an appearance. While she didn't film Season 6 as a starring housewife, she did film a few scenes that will be aired later on in the season. Despite the lack of Kim's physical absence, she has, in the past few episodes, frequently been the subject of conversation between some of the starring housewives. Some of the other women have asked Kyle how Kim is doing with her sobriety and what is really going on with her in light of the negative news headlines.
Lisa Vanderpump has been particularly vocal about Kim Richards. In one episode, Lisa asked Kyle Richards if she has spoken to her sister lately. After Kyle said no, Lisa told her that Kim trashed her during a media interview, calling her "phony." Kyle said that she heard about that and watched the interview clip. In an interview, Lisa said that she supposes some people trash others because they don't want themselves to be the headline. In her own interview, Kyle expressed frustration that the other women were asking her about Kim.
"Isn't there anything else these women can talk about other than my sister Kim? If I knew something was bothering someone so much, I wouldn't ask about it every flippin' time I saw them."
On last week's episode, which was filmed in August, Lisa immediately called Kyle upon hearing the news that Kim was arrested for shoplifting $600 worth of merchandise from a Target store. Kyle tearfully said that she could not talk about it. Later, when the women got together in the Hamptons, Kyle mentioned that she couldn't stay in the loud hotel and immediately left for a house rental, without giving Lisa prior notice, because she had a really bad week and wasn't sleeping much because of what happened with Kim. Lisa said that Kim needs "a strong hand." Lisa added that Kim, in her right mind, wouldn't have shoplifted. Kyle agreed that Kim is "obviously not of sound mind," but then said that she doesn't want to talk about it and that "it wasn't like that."

In an interview, Kyle made clear that she was angry about being asked about Kim again. Kyle then threatened to spill some secrets, presumably concerning Lisa.

"I heard about what happened with my sister on TMZ. My sister Kim right now is a very sensitive topic to me, and nobody seems to care. My sister's name keeps coming up over and over and over again. It's unf**king believable...Do you want me to talk about your stuff that you don't want me to talk about? Because I can. If you want me to go there."
As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Lisa Vanderpump replied to Kyle Richards' anger and threat by stating in a blog post that Kim Richards signed herself up for being the subject of conversation when she joined The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Lisa said that she herself realizes that you have to take the bad with the good of being on such a show and that she has nothing to hide.

[Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images]