August 24, 2017
Lamar Odom Living With Khloe Kardashian? Source Reports Former NBA Player Moved In With 'KUWTK' Star

Now that Lamar Odom has been released from the hospital, where is he living?

If you believe what Hollywood Life has to say, Odom has moved in with his estranged wife, Khloé Kardashian.

The media outlet reports that the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star has moved her estranged husband into her house to make sure he gets the best outpatient care available.

"Lamar didn't go to a rehab facility directly when he left the hospital. When he left, the first and only place he went to was Khloe's house. She told him she was taking him 'home.' The first place she wanted him to see when he was equipped to leave the hospital was her warm and comforting home, and that's where he's been ever since. Khloe thought it was the best decision she could have made. She looked high and low for live-in rehab places near her house but nothing fit the bill."
Hollywood Life goes on to report that, while he's staying at Khloé's house, Lamar will be chauffeured by the KUWTK star herself. However, Lamar Odom was recently seen in public riding in a vehicle, and the driver of the car was not Khloé.
"She wants Lamar to have the best of the best and decided that her house was the only place Lamar should be. And that's what she did. Khloe's taking it upon herself to drive Lamar to all his appointments and will continue to do so until he gets better."
The report that Lamar Odom is living with Khloé Kardashian is a total about face from earlier reports. On Friday, Us Weekly reported that Odom had been released from the hospital and was being taken to a rehabilitation facility near Khloé's home.Before he was released, the former Los Angeles Lakers player had been in the hospital since Oct. 13, when he was discovered unconscious in a Las Vegas area brothel. According to reports, Odom allegedly overdosed on a dangerous combination of cocaine and a sexual performance-enhancing drug. Whether or not Odom actually used cocaine seems to be up for debate, as the district attorney on his case said the evidence failed to prove that Odom had used the drug.At the time of the incident, the 911 call indicated that he was foaming at the mouth and that he had blood streaming from his nose at the time of discovery. After the 911 call, Odom was taken to the Las Vegas area Sunrise Medical Center, where he stayed for several weeks until he was transferred to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. His current location seems to be open for debate.

If Lamar is staying with Khloé, it wouldn't be a complete surprise. Khloé has been making medical decisions for her husband from the very beginning. In fact, when the news of Lamar's hospitalization broke, Khloé and Lamar were in the midst of a divorce. After spending time with Odom in the hospital, Kardashian withdrew her divorce papers and opted to remain married to her husband. Kardashian, who is dating NBA played James Harden, has said that she decided to remain married to Lamar so that she could continue to make medical decisions for him.

Whatever decisions Kardashian has been making seem to be working. At the time of his Nevada admission, Odom was given a 50 percent chance of survival. In November Khloé Kardashian said she's been told he had four hours to live. Since, Odom has had what many call a "miraculous" recovery, as he's reportedly learned how to walk again and is working on many cognitive skills.

Do you think Lamar Odom is living with Khloé Kardashian? Would that even make sense? Why or why not?

Watch the video below to find out more about how Khloé Kardashian and the entire Kardashian-Jenner clan ran to Lamar Odom's side when they discovered he might be in medical trouble.

[Photo by Michael Bruckner/Getty Images for AXE]