‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Elizabeth Faces Another Scare, Maxie Has Decisions To Make, And Sam Is Feeling Hopeful

Fans are anxious for some General Hospital spoilers for Monday’s show. Robin, Emma, and Patrick have left town together, but there is plenty of drama brewing back in Port Charles. What’s slated to happen during the January 11 episode?

The latest preview for the week teases that it is going to be a hot week with plenty of twists and turns. Anna is determined to figure out the truth about the Carlos situation, and he is determined to be a part of his baby’s life despite Sabrina’s resistance. Maxie knows that Johnny is in town, and he is moving ahead on his plan against Valerie.

We Love Soaps details that during Monday’s episode, there is another startling incident ahead for Elizabeth. She has had a few spooky moments already, and now General Hospital spoilers share that there is something else about to leave her shaken. Jason is involved in this one, and many suspect that whatever happens, Jake is behind it.

Jake’s behavior has become increasingly alarming in the past few weeks, and many are concerned about him. There are plenty of theories floating around about just what the truth is here, but it may take a bit to play out yet. According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Monday’s incident involves Jake being missing for a bit.

General Hospital spoilers share that Liz will be in a state of panic over this disappearance, and Jason will be by her side, working through the situation. They do find Jake relatively soon, it seems, but Jason will tell Liz that she and the boys should stay with him as they sort out what’s going on. It seems that Elizabeth may initially resist this idea, but Jason is insistent.

Sam has been feeling a bit of optimism over the possibility of reconnecting with Jason. However, General Hospital spoilers tease that she will soon find Liz at Jason’s suite, and she may jump to some conclusions. While Jason isn’t reuniting with Liz at this point, the two are getting closer again, and Sam definitely can’t count on a reunion coming together. Given what seems to be Jake’s manipulation, it looks likely that Sam may be facing some big disappointment in the days to come.

Viewers watched as Tracy threatened Hayden last week, and it looks like this will push Hayden to dig even deeper when it comes to Nikolas and the plan to regain control of ELQ. Just who is Hayden? Fans are speculating about the possibilities, but it may take a bit yet for this to be fully revealed. Hayden tossed out a big proposition to Nik during Friday’s show, and it seems on Monday’s episode they’re getting even closer to one another, despite plenty of reasons to hesitate.

Sam will be getting some support from Carly in this show, while Sonny butts heads with his doctor. General Hospital spoilers detail that Sonny will be making some changes in his care, but he clearly still has a very long road ahead of him.

Both Maxie and Dante were getting a bit suspicious of Lulu and who she has been spending time with, but Maxie now knows the truth. General Hospital spoilers indicate that as Lulu and Johnny continue their plans against Valerie, Maxie will be contemplating turning Johnny in to the police. Will she agree to stay mum on Johnny’s Port Charles return?

As the week continues, Anna pushes Sabrina for information on Carlos. Sabrina will be reaching out to Michael, but Carlos will apparently be trying to convince Sabrina to leave town with him. Will she be swayed to accept his offer? Johnny is moving ahead on his plans regarding Valerie, and she will find herself in a very bad spot later this week. In addition, Dante will come upon some problematic photos, while Sam digs into the issues between Jason and Nikolas.

Will Hayden stay loyal to Tracy in this quest for ELQ, or will Nikolas come out on top on this front? Will Jason reunite with Elizabeth, or does Sam still have a shot? Fans cannot wait to see what comes next as the drama continues on General Hospital.

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